The Question:

Dear Morgan and Ella,

I am constantly being called a whore or a slut, etc… I’m starting to believe them and losing respect for myself. How can I be independent?


The Advice:


First off, I’m incredibly sorry you are going through with this. One of the worst human faults is our inability to take other’s feelings into account. The people who do this aren’t secure with themselves and find that their harsh words towards others make themselves feel better. And that’s why you should take what they say with a grain of salt. When you ask how to be independent, I believe what you mean is, “How do I stay strong?” Being called names is hard and it hurts and there isn’t a deflector shield that can protect us from it. Instead we have to realize that we have to be strong. Ignore what they say, don’t respond, and focus on what’s actually important in your life. The people who say these things want to see you fall, and the only way to make them stop is to remain strong even in the face of threat.

Taylor, I know you can stay strong in all of this. Focus on what really matters in life and surround yourself with people who are good influences on you. Don’t show the bullies what they want to see. Show them the fearless girl you are!



Name calling is no pretty experience.


                You said that you are starting to believe what these nasty words that people are saying, NEVER BELIEVE THEM. All that bullies want is for their victim to believe them. Me as a person myself experienced 8 years of bullying, I know exactly how you feel. As far as your question goes, I don’t really know what you asking. If you mean to be more independent in handling the name calling, here are some of my top tips;

  1. Never believe the bullies; they have nothing else to do so they find it fun to call someone a slut or a whore.
  2. Whenever someone calls you a name, don’t reply, don’t have a comeback and don’t make a face, look like you don’t care and simply walk off.

Over all, I hope that your life where ever this is happening, becomes a whole lot better. Remember that you are not alone when it comes to getting bullied or being called names.

Hope I have helped,      



2 thoughts on “Taylor

  1. lerato says:

    i wrote a letter to a guy and told him i love him and he hasnt responded to it it’s been a month.ok so this guy has been my friend for two years.now iam scared he might hate me for it.and i really can’t imagen him not talking to me for the rest of my life.i love him so very much. what can i do ?


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