The Question

Dear Morgan and Ella,

I liked a boy and he liked me back, but I only knew because his friend told me. Nothing ever happened and we just stopped liking each-other. I like him again and I want to tell him but I’m not sure if I should.

The Advice


Talk to him. Chances are that he might still have feelings for you. Unless something dramatic happens, people’s affections don’t usually turn completely off. Get him alone and in a comfortable place and ask him. It’s the best way to deal with this situation.

Hope I’ve helped!



I was once in your situation.

When it comes to boys you always need to follow your heart and ignore the voice in your head saying “do it, do it!!” If you feel like he is still your friend at least start talking to him again, when you start to feel comfortable with him, ask him if he can keep a secret, then, the next day or later that day, TELL HIM. If you don’t feel like you are friends on the other hand, hold off. Start to become his friend and then follow through with the above.

                                                Hope I helped,



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