River Song

The Question:

Morgan & Ella,

Ok I have a question. I was homeschooled for a good part of my life so I know nothing when it comes to boys or dating and I am scared to think of the day when a guy would ask me out. What should I do? Thank you.

River Song

The Advice:

River Song,

Being isolated from other teenagers makes the prospect of other teenagers, especially those of the opposite gender, scary. But you have to remember that you can definitely handle it. The best way is to start social interaction now so that when you do have this opportunity (a boy asking you out) you are ready. Go to your local mall and just walk around, observing how everyone else is acting. And when the opportunity does present itself, remember to stay calm and know that you have all the social skills to excel at the situation, you just have to remember to use them.


River song,


Thank you for being our first asker.

Now on to your question. When it comes to boys asking you out they normally start off as being your friend or someone involved in you daily life, this doesn’t mean that you might meet a guy and straight off the bat he asks  you to go get some pizza with him or something. When it comes to your 1st date with any guy the number one thing to remember is to only do what you feel comfortable doing. E.G- If you feel like he is going to kiss you but you feel like you should get to know him better before you kiss you just simply tell him. Over all though, try going to community events or the mall with a girlfriend and meeting guys and talking with them, this will help you get a picture of what your type of guy is.

Before I go the number one thing to always remember is that guys are really great people to be around.

Hope I have helped


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