The Question:

Hi, I’m having a boy problem! I like this guy and we sit close together in math, the only class that we have together. He is fairly shy, quiet and reserved, and he only really opens up with his guy friends, from what I can see, though he is quite popular with everyone.

I messaged him on Instagram a few months ago, and without me even asking, he gave me his number. Since then we text at least weekly, usually more, and we talk every day in math. He is way more chatty over text, and I really know a lot about him now. I am a little bummed though, because I always text him first and when he answers, it is right away but then in the middle of the conversation, he takes like 20 minutes to answer me. I am not sure what this means.

When he gave me his number, all of a sudden he got really chatty with my friend, who sits behind me. She is just friendly, but I’m afraid that he is starting to like her and I don’t know what to do.

I see him looking at me through the corner of his eye during class sometimes, and I don’t know what to think since sometimes he doesn’t even acknowledge me when I sit down! I am so confused!!!

I’ve been away for about a month on vacation, so I’ll see him soon. I haven’t talked to him in all that time, save for once over Instagram to wish him Merry Christmas.

What do I do when I get back? How do I even act? I don’t know what to do!

The Advice:


It sounds like you’re basically just dealing with stupid boy. Don’t take any of this personally. He most likely likes you, but is maybe unsure of how you feel, so he’s trying to keep his options open. I would suggest when you get back to just strike up a conversation with him about his Christmas and maybe invite him to do something outside of school. I think that’s your best bet to finding out how he really feels about you.

Hope I’ve helped!


Boys that are shut off are always very shy and closed off about feelings. He sound like he is very confused, possibly as much as you. I can understand that you are nervous to get back to school and see him, but don’t over do it. I say when you get back to school that you sit down next to him in math (as usual) and just say hey, how have you been, haven’t seen you on a while. Don’t act as though your nervous, just say it as though you’re buddies. As for how you act around him, same thing act friendly with a little flirt here and there. If you feel comfortable and feel as though he likes you, then you can step it up a bit.
Hope I have helped,
Elle xo


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