The Question:

Morgan & Ella,

Hi! There’s a boy I like in my class who I think I might have a ‘thing’ going on with. We kinda flirt and get on quite well. How do I tell him I have a crush on him without being a creep, too forward or embarrassing myself?


The Advice:


I actually have a blog post on this that is super helpful: How to Tell a Boy You Like Him (Without Embarrassing Yourself). The tips in here will definitely help.

My best advice I can give you is to go about it really calmly and chill. Don’t psyche yourself out or act jumpy, it will just scare him. Keep it casual and fun and asking him out will go great.

Now go get him!


It sounds like you guys are flirty friends:) If you feel like you want to tell him you have a crush in him, you need the to be the best judge on how you want to do this.
If you have his number, maybe start dropping some hints. But if you dont have his number, maybe asking him what his number is might be a great way to drop a hint.

When you feel like you are ready to tell him, pull him a side alone, or even hang out after school, and just say something like, hey… So, i just wanted to let you know that… I like you:)
You can take the rest of what you want to say into your hands. Be casual is always the best thing:)


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