Lena II

The Question:

Morgan & Ella,

One of my friends has being really weird lately… She is being horrible to everyone in our friend group, and when she isn’t, she’s whining to us about someone else. This has been going on for months and we’ve tried asking her to be a little nicer several times before. It never seems to work.Me and my other friends are sick of it and kind of want to cut her off, but one of them is going on holiday with this girl soon. Also, we are all in the same class at our new school! What should my friends and I do?


The Advice:


There’s this thin line in friendship that makes everything difficult. The line between supporting your friend and knowing when to cut it off. It sounds like you’ve tried really hard to help your friend and support her, even if she’s being horrible. But now it’s time to give her an ultimatum of sorts. Sit her down with your friends and tell her how you’re feeling. Explain that you feel hurt, annoyed, and that your friendship is straining because of it. If she listens and cares about you, she’ll try to change. And if she doesn’t change, you and your friends should focus your efforts on other relationships you care about.



Thats not very good that your friend is being rude to you and your other friends. If she is constantly being rude to you guys or someone else, there must be a reason as to why.
She might have some stuff going on at home, which might be making it tricky for her to be nice around you guys.
You have said that you have asked several times for her to be a little nicer, but maybe try and have a serious talk with her. Ask her if there is anything going on that she wants to talk about. Tell her that you guys are not going to tell anyone and that you guys are there for her. Just ask her why she hasn’t been being herself lately, just be nice to her while saying it. I wouldn’t cut her off, as much as that sounds like the easy option, if she has stuff that’s going on at home or outside of school, it’s best to approach the topic with ease.


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