The Question:

Morgan & Ella,

So I’ve been having an issue. A BOY ISSUE !! There’s this boy I like but he’s a year younger ( well actually 9 months but in the grade bellow me) I’m in grade ten. So I like him and we kinda flirt around but not super flirty. We always argue playfully though! We never have to say “soo what do ya wanna talk about?” Like I do with other guys. But his parents are like super close with my parents (they say we should date) and I’m just worried to ruin anything because it would be super acca awkward. And I’m not actually positive if he likes me this way! Is he just being nice?


The Advice:


The line between being nice and being flirty is a very delicate and awkward line when you aren’t sure where it is drawn. I think you should have a talk with him about where he thinks the line is. Get him alone in a comfortable place and ask him, “Listen, I’m not really sure how you see our relationship and I just want to see if we’re on the same page.” This gives him the opportunity to talk about he feels without feeling a lot of pressure. Just make sure to make the situation comfortable and not be too harsh or threatening, or he’ll clam up. The fact that you have history and are comfortable with each other will really help with this.

Sounds like you guys have known each other which could be a good thing, If you have known him for a while you might already know a lot about him and know what he is like. If you are super comfortable with him you could just ask him if he likes you but then again if he likes you and your not 100% sure if he does, then I wouldn’t ask him directly I would just say some names of girls you either know or think he might like/ hangout with. Then just slip your name in thee and see what he says or if he blushes.

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