The Question:

Hi Morgan and Ella!

I posted previously under the post “how to get a guy to like you without noticing” as I didn’t know this page existed…oops. Anyway, things have changed quite a bit. I’m one hundred percent certain that its a fling…four days after meeting we were “officially” a couple and on the fifth day he kissed me far too many times to count. We have very little in common and never talk..just listen to music, laugh, kiss, and cuddle.

Any tips on how to make it last? Or should I take my friends advice…dump him before I get too attatched and get all torn up when he eventually dumps me. Needless to say, they think hes a player (his old relationships never lasted long).

Thanks for reading, and hope you can help me out.


The Answer:

Dear Ingrid,

If you two are having trouble connecting, I suggest both of you working together and figuring out what’s making the issue with not having a lot in common. Make a list of things you can do together, movies you like in common and maybe trying new stuff together. And if that doesn’t work, maybe it is best to break up. Do what feels best in your heart.

Morgan xx



If you in your heart believe that he is different with you then, follow your heart, don’t be to weary, but always do remember that if his past relationships haven’t lasted very long, that if he does dump you, that is probably nothing to do with you as a person. In regards with what your friends are saying, they are only saying that to try and protect you getting hurt, if you believe that your friends opinain is right then, listen to them. but if you want this relationship to last, the best thing to do is to be yourself:), When I am in relationships I often find myself acting like someone I am not, always stay true to yourself and be yourself, rember if he like you, then he likes you for you not someone your not.

Hope I have helped Elle x


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