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The Question:

Morgan & Ella,


There’s this guy, who I have a very weirdish relationship with.We are all the same classes and sit mostly near each other. I kinda like him and think he likes me. We both are really competitive with each other and are new to our high school.He is so sweet and behaves quite chivalrously. In a short amount of time, I got to know a bit of his family and he also knows a bit of mine. His younger brother cones to me for advice as well.

We are so different….I’m shy and he’s  outspoken and loud.I think that all the differences are a problem.

I had a argument with him and he got really upset. I tried to apologise but he wouldn’t have it. The next day, we were okay. He’s  not been coming to school for 2 weeks and I really miss him. Before he left, my friend was being teased by his name and now she likes him too…..I don’t know what to do. Plus, he’s always with another girl.
He’ll  come to school on Monday….should I tell him?

I don’t want to ruin my friendship with him, my friend or taht girl! Help me please!!!


The Advice:


It sounds like you and him need to have a sit down conversation and get it all out on the table. Because that’s how relationships work!

In regards to your argument, it’s best to get him alone and tell him you are sorry again and that you’re glad to see him back at school. He’ll appreciate your sincerity and it’s always nice to feel appreciated by someone, so you’ll get some brownie points.

In regards to other girls, there’s always going to be other girls. They make up half of the population. But if he really likes you they won’t matter, so it’s important that you tell him how you feel. Let him know that you like him and see where it goes. If he likes you, he’ll make you the main lady in his life. And if the girls get upset with that, they aren’t your friends if they don’t want you to be happy and vice versa.

I hope I’ve helped, and that your tricky situation gets better!


Sounds like you are in a bit of a tricky situation. It seems like you both like each other and the fight that you both had seems like it was a pretty normal thing.

If your worried about losing him as a friend, tell him! You dont have to tell him you like him if your not ready, but at least tell him that you really value his friendship and that you dont want to lose him.

As far as your friend that likes him as well goes, just remeber that you know him really well and you have met some of his family! Dont be too worried!

And as far as the girl he always hangs out with. If you think he likes you, he probably does! This girl might just be a friend of his, he might even be asking her for advice!

Hope i have helped,

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