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The Question:


I need advice on body image. I’ve been going through a really tough time lately. I’m not skinny and I know that my body frame will never be skinny, but I feel fat and stupid all the time. It’s hard for me to see past that roll on my stomach, or the little pouch that is forming.

Please help!

The Advice:

Anonymous #2,

As someone who has struggled with her body image her whole life (and still does constantly at 19) you aren’t alone. But you have to know that everyone wants a different body than what they have. I have skinny skinny friends who would die for my curves. And that’s such an odd concept to me, especially since I would love to get rid of them! I know you’re struggling and it’s hard to see outside the current situation, but your body is your body and you need to learn to love it. As you get older you will grow into your body, and with the right eating and exercise, you might grow to appreciate the way it looks even more. I know right now is difficult, but everyone is having the same struggle. You’re not alone.


Anonymous #2 ,
Body image is something that most teenagers struggle with at some point in their teen years. If this is something you can’t do anything about then I suggest you do the following, from a person who myself has struggled with body image these have really helped me.
1. Meditation(if its something you fancy, this could really help you.) Go online a search up some good meditation methods or create your own.
2. Self motivation and self help. If you motivate your self to help your self then you will feel better about yourself. Try your best to think       positive about your situation.

Hope I have helped,
Elle xo


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