The Question:

Hi Morgan and Ella!

I’m having a spot of trouble with a “friend” of mine, Lucy. We go back to junior high with another friend, who I was really close with. Lucy’s boyfriend cheated on her with this other girl, and the two friends were supposedly best friends. While I am really close to Lucy, lately I don’t feel as if I can trust her at all.

She said that she was done with this other girl, and they went through a huge falling out, ending with this girl begging for Lucy back. Lucy told me that she was just keeping her distance, but this other girl has tons of new pictures of them together on social media. This girl really doesn’t like me, and she has turned Lucy against me before, which is the reason that I am so hesitant to trust either of them again. At the beginning of last year, I gave Lucy a second chance and so far it hasn’t been a bad decision, but this situation has me wondering if I can believe anything that she tells me.

I’ve tried to talk to Lucy about the situation and my feelings on it, but all she does is laugh it off and tell me not to worry. She never gives a direct answer. Other things that she does that sets off warning signals in my head is she always hangs around with the cool kids and then ignores me, or snaps at me when I ask if we are still having lunch, since she has been ditching me more and more often as of late. The only time that she genuinely wants to spend time with me is when I am having boy trouble, so that she can hear all about the drama, or when she is having issues, so that I can listen to her.

I feel underappreciated and taken for granted, and I’ve told her that, but she changes for a week and then goes back to what she was doing before.

Am I being paranoid about everything? What should I do?

The Advice:


I am so sorry that Lucy is doing this to you. She is not your friend and it is definitely in your best interest to drop her. It sounds like all Lucy wants is to know the drama, not to be there to support you. My advice is to tell her that you feel under-appreciated and taken for granted, and if she doesn’t start treating you like a real friend you will cut her from your life. See how that affects her treatment towards you, and if it does nothing, go find some friends who really will treat you great. You deserve people in your life who love you for you and appreciate you for all you are worth.

Hope I’ve helped!


Lucy doesn’t seem like she is a true friend. Neither does the other girl. If you have tried to talk to lucy and she just laughs it off, honestly it doesn’t seem like she really cares to much about your feelings. I am acctuly going though an simalar situation to you right now with a best friend of mine. You said your being paranoid about lucy not being honest with you and her telling you lies. Judging by my own experices of this situation, if you have a feeling that she isn’t telling the truth to you, your probably right. I say you either tell her how your feeling again or try and fined some new friends but keep lucy as an acquintance.
Hope I have helped,
Elle xo


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