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How to Be Single on Valentine’s Day

For the first time in two years I am single on Valentine’s Day. And I won’t lie – I’m really excited.


When you’re in a relationship Valentine’s Day is a very cut and dry holiday. But what about when you’re single? Easy, the playing field is open! You don’t have to do any of the normal romantic activities with a significant other. Instead, let’s celebrate the person you adore most – You.

Below is a compilation of ways to spend tomorrow’s holiday when you’re single and loving it. Continue reading

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Need Some Love? Have a ‘Me’ Date

Forget the candlelight dinners and making out on a cliff above the city. It’s time to spend the night with the person you love most: Yourself.


‘Me’ dates are this great invention where instead of going out with a significant other, you have a lovely night meant to celebrate yourself. They come in many different shapes, but they share a common cause. In a society that stresses pulling ourselves too thin, it’s time for a ‘me’ date to remind yourself just how great you are.

Below are some ideas for ‘me’ dates that you can do this week. Continue reading

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Friendships & Relationships & Me

This past weekend was one of the best I’ve had in a while because I got to see two of my favourite people. And seeing them both back-to-back really opened my eyes to friendship, relationships, and how they relate to me.

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How to Deal With a Breakup

As I told my mother, “I’ll write a blog post about it and then I’ll feel all better, just like everything else that happens to me.”

So that’s why I’m writing a blog post about my breakup.

After almost a year and a half with my boyfriend, we’ve decided to just be friends. No hard feelings, no anger, just two twenty-somethings who are onto the next adventure in their life. But that’s not to say it isn’t hard. Any time you lose someone who you felt a strong connection (romantic or not) it is incredibly hard on the human heart and that means getting some recovery in before going onto the next phase in life. Continue reading

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Whatever Wednesday: Tales From a Love Guru

Whatever Wednesday


On Whatever Wednesday we’re going to talk about whatever catches my fancy – and today talking about my accidental double life of being a love guru is taking my fancy.

What do you mean your accidental double life of being a love guru? Continue reading

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