Tips for Being an Assistant {from a pro}

Anyone who thinks that being an assistant is easy is strongly mistaken. It is a tedious, high-level job that means constant attention and taking on any has thrown to you. I would know, I’ve been doing assistant jobs for last seven years.

tips for being an assistant.png

Moving from just a desk assistant in high school to an executive assistant now, I’ve learned the in’s and out’s of assistant work better than I ever thought I would. Being in a supportive role is second nature to me, and today I’m sharing my tips for dealing with the position, along with a tip or two of how to get the job!Read More

How I Deal With Frustration

Some days are just frustrating. And dealing with that frustration can be a struggle.

Mondays are already pretty rough, but this one has been a doozy. After the site being down for two days (and being unable to do anything about it but wait), having too much on my work plate for the next two weeks, and some newly arisen health problems, my frustration level is off the charts. And I need to relieve some of the tension.

To begin my own healing process, here are some of the ways I deal after a frustrating day.Read More

Why I Stopped Glamorizing Bad Habits

I’m going to make this pretty short and sweet as I sliced open two of my fingers earlier {what lengths I go to for fresh lime juice} but this is important, so I shall persevere. Let’s talk about why we need to stop glamorizing unhealthy, bad habits.

why i stopped glamorizing bad habits

Read More

My July Playlist

A big part of my life is music. From attending a handful of concerts each year to always having background music when I’m getting ready, I need music in my life.

my july playlist

I always have playlists set up for my mood¬†and for July I had lots of songs on repeat. I thought today I’d share the songs that got me through this month, and maybe they’ll make it on your August playlist.Read More

The 10 Commandments of Adult Friendship

I’ve been watching a lot of Rizzoli & Isles¬†this week and observing the friendship between Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles. Not only do they have a professional and mutual respectful friendship, but they are a reminder that friendship is an agreement and it’s important to keep up your end of the bargain.

ten commandments of adult friendship

A few months ago I wrote about making friends as an adult, and while I’m still working on making my brunch squad, the friendships I make and already have are being evaluated to see how the agreement of friendship is going.Read More