Best Buys of 2017

A big part of this blog is sharing the purchases that make my life better. From beauty to fashion to lifestyle, I am always trying something new to find the best out there. And today I’m sharing the best things I bought in 2017.

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A Gift Guide For The Person Who Loves… {+ All Under $50!}

It’s time to buy a gift for _____ and you know they like _____ but what do you buy them? Luckily, there’s a gift guide for that.

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A Gift Guide For Everyone On Your List

What gift should I buy for them? Put away your list, all your gifts this year are covered.

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Blogging Struggles: To Blog, Or Not To Blog

I’ve been blogging for nearly seven years. That’s longer than most things in my life. Longer than I went to college {3 years}. Longer than I had ombré hair {2 years}. And nearly as long as it took the Harry Potter film series to come out {10 years}. And the thing is, I’m not sure how I feel about doing it anymore.

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7 Blogs I Follow

I love the Internet and the wonderful things I find within it, such as blog posts about making candles or how to relieve stress. In the past few years blogs have become the go-to people for any and all information {that isn’t science-related} and honestly, I think it’s kind of wonderful.

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Not Going Out? Enjoy Some Halloween Movies

One of the best parts of October is all of the Halloween movies. Hours and hours of entertainment, being scared, and wanting to be in Hocus Pocus. What could be better?

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4 Ways to Perk Up Monday Morning

Monday mornings are in no one’s “favourites” list. Low energy and getting back into work don’t make a good combination. But since it is the beginning of the work week, it’s time to figure out how to give us energy until Tuesday.


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3 Investments Worth Your Money

When I was 13 I flew across the country for a East Coat tour with my school. As I crawled into the backseat of my friend’s car, my mother instructed hers that I needed to buy souvenirs because I was “too frugal” with my money. Nearly a decade later and I still struggle with spending large amounts of money.

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Easy Ways to be a Morning Person {+ Why It Is the Best}

I love being a morning person. There’s something about enjoying the sunrise, the early birds, and breakfast that makes the A.M. hours worth it.

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Remaining Positive In All This Negativity

It seems we can’t go a day recently without another awful announcement. From sexual assault to mass shootings to natural disasters to deaths, there is so little good that graces the front page. So how do we stay positive when everything feels negative?

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