Guest Post: Your Girl Curlz

Hiya Enthusiasts! Because of the absolutely crazy week I’ve had with touring San Francisco, meeting Meghan Trainor, and working full work days, a blog post is kind of thing for next week. But because I love you all so much, you deserve a new post! That’s why Alex from Your Girl Curlz (otherwise known as my travel/cuddle/concert buddy) has something great written for you!



Hola, Enthusiasts!

Curlz here! Morgan has been so lovely as to let me write on her blog! Isn’t that awesome? The answer is yes. That is awesome.

We recently went to a concert in San Francisco. We took the city by the hand and made it our bestie! The trip was amazing and I know we will both have so many memories from it. Our trip also got me thinking about something…Read More

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Sixteen Small Steps to Happiness

Good afternoon Enthusiasts! I have come down with a nasty cold (which just makes winter vacation that much more lovely) and when I’m sick I like to scroll through the web and find things that make me smile. Today, I came across a list of happiness, and as you know, I am all for happiness lists. I thought I would share this list with you and hopefully it strikes the same amount of motivation in you as it did with me.

Sixteen Small Steps to Happiness (via emmaelsworthy)

1. push yourself to get up before the rest of the world – start with 7am, then 6am, then 5:30am. go to the nearest hill with a big coat and a scarf and watch the sun rise.

2. push yourself to fall asleep earlier – start with 11pm, then 10pm, then 9pm. wake up in the morning feeling re-energized and comfortable.Read More

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Welcome Wednesdays 3: KatySuzie

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 17: Welcome Wednesdays


 Hiya Enthusiasts! Today I am literally jumping in my seat in excitement to share today’s Welcome Wednesday! I talked a lot about her in this post, but I finally get to share the amazement that is my best friend from the blog KatySuzie! This is Katy’s first time guest blogging and I’m blown away with how great I find her post. She definitely nails the horse on the head about her topic and I’m so proud to be showing her off to all of you! Hopefully you all fall in love with her as much as I am. And with that, I’ll let you do the do with Katy and her post about vacationers!

Hello everyone, I’m Katy! It’s such an honor to be a guest blogger for my good friend Morgan and I am super excited! I write on a blog called KatySuzie (of course that is when I remember to write up my thoughts and ideas) and am currently enrolled in a program to become an elementary school teacher through Eastern Oregon University. My hobbies and interests encompass so much and I am so fascinated by this world that we live in that the things I’m not interested in would be a much shorter list, but, for some background I’ll name a few. I love camping and being outdoors, cooking, and oddly enough working.

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Welcome Wednesdays 2: Put On Your Lipstickk

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 10: Welcome Wednesdays


Hola dear Enthusiasts! Today on Welcome Wednesday, we are going to welcome a new blogger buddy of mine, Alanna from Put On Your Lipstickk! When Alanna approached me months ago about working together, I was so excited to have her write for the blog! We’ve been talking and it’s great to have someone with a bit older voice on the blog, as we all know I’m kind of growing out of my teenage years. I hope you all enjoy what Alanna has to say as much as I do! So, without further ado, let’s say a big Welcome Wednesday to Alanna!

You can view my post on Alanna’s blog here.


In Between

Hello Enthusiasts,

I am so very excited to be writing my FIRST GUEST POST!! Not only is it my first guest post, but I have also gotten the wonderful opportunity to work with Morgan, the teenage enthusiast, who is so very inspirational and enlightening at such a young age. When I first read her blog I thought I was reading a twenty something’s blog who had just kept the blog name from when she was a teenager. When I found out she was only 19, I was surprised and so proud for her even though we hadn’t yet spoken.


She and I are very similar in what we are trying to accomplish with our blogs, and I see a lot of myself in her even at my ripe old age of 24. Now, I have a full time job, and I’m working on my graduate program, but I (most of the time) still feel like that carefree (but serious when necessary) 19 year old I see in Morgan. I want to thank Morgan so much for doing this with me, and I hope she wants to do it again very soon!! You rock, Morgan! Keep it up


Today I want to talk about feeling in between. Some of you may be thinking, “What is she talking about?” But I’m willing to guess that the people who have been in this limbo (shall I say) of in between knew exactly what I meant as soon as they read it.

Let me try and define it:

     -In between- an area of life (mentally and physically, I suppose) where you haven’t quite grown into or started a part of life that almost everyone you know has, but you’ve also outgrown some of your old ways.

I think that in some way everyone can relate to this to some degree in many, many different situations.Read More

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Softly-Spoken Enthusiasms (July Guest Post)

Hiya Enthusiasts! Once again, I have another amazing writer here on the blog to share their talents with you! Today it is Sabrina, from Books and Bark, and I am so excited to share her with you! Her own enthusiasm for her volunteering and writing is very inspirational and I know brought back nostalgia to my time running service clubs in high school. I know you’re all going to love her because she’s such a sweetheart. Give her piece a lot of love and care because it’s super sweet. You can read the piece I wrote for her here. So, without further ado, let me welcome Sabrina to the world of Teenage Enthusiasm!


Read More

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So, Thank You Internet (March Guest Post)

It’s time for my March guest post! I have been building up the excitement for this for a week or so now and I am so excited to finally share it! This month I am excited to bring you Haley from Her Mirror! Haley is a new friend on the blogging scene, but I have grown incredibly close to her in such a short time! She is my Blogging Little Sis and it’s been amazing working together with her on this post. You’ll learn quickly while reading this that we have a lot in common. I know you will all fall in love with her as you read, so make sure to leave her super sweet feedback! So, here’s Haley, the fabulous March guest blogger about to grace your screen!


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An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Hello! So I know I posted yesterday but a good blogging buddy of mine contacted me recently about a fundraising venture she is doing and I thought the best way I can help her is by sharing this with as many people as I can. So please read below!

Wanna spend the night with me?

Witty, right? I think so, too. For those of you who haven’t seen my previous guest post on Teen Enthusiasm, my name is Karina and I blog over at Cafe Kitsch (see link below!). I go to school at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Every year, Rutgers hosts a Dance Marathon (#RUDM) that raises money for the Embrace Kids Foundation. The Embrace Kids Foundation is dedicated to helping families of children with cancer in the New Jersey area. All of its services, which range from counseling to financial assistance to the use of learning centers, are offered completely free of charge. Every year, hundreds of Rutgers students participate in the marathon by meeting a specified fundraising goal and pledging to remain standing for 32 HOURS STRAIGHT. Yes, people actually do this willingly…for a wonderful cause.

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