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Female Seeking Brunch Buddy

Adulthood is weird. You have to work to live, you have bills, your metabolism is now a laugh, and making friends is hard.

Unless you have a workplace or a social activity filled with similar minds, it’s hard to meet people. You have to really put yourself out there to create friendships, and even more effort needs to go in to maintain them. That is hard!

Adult Female Seeking Brunch Buddy

As a new adult in the world, I am discovering this and am finding myself in a slump while I seek brunch buds and shopping partners. While it’s been difficult and I find myself sitting in my apartment alone, I know that life is about taking challenges and showing them who’s boss.

Now, who’s ready for some truths I’ve found on my journey!

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10 Tiny Ways to Show You Care

One of my biggest goals in 2017 is to spread kindness, and one of the best ways to do this is to show I care about the people in my life. And they don’t have to be big gestures. Sometimes the smallest actions speak the loudest.

Tiny Ways to Show Care

Today I am going to share 10 tiny ways to show people you care about them, so we can all feel kindness. Remember to spread love, all the time, even when it’s easier to hate. Continue reading

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Friendships & Relationships & Me

This past weekend was one of the best I’ve had in a while because I got to see two of my favourite people. And seeing them both back-to-back really opened my eyes to friendship, relationships, and how they relate to me.

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7 Reasons to Have a Girls’ Night

I’m a big believer in girls’ night. So much so that when I am on break and all my girls are in town I am throwing parties or creating dinners just so I can see them.

One thing I have noticed while in college is that girls’ night is not so big. We get so busy with school, work, homework, future career plans, etc. that we forget to just have a night on the town with our besties. Which is a shame.

I have compiled seven reasons why a girls’ night is important to incorporate into your routine every once in a while because it’s more than just a little break, it’s creating relationships and memories that will last you for the rest of your life.

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Why You Don’t Always Have to Fit In

It’s easy to want to be a cool kid.

My whole life I wanted to be a cool kid. I thought being the cool kid would instantly make my whole life better. But after a good 20 years of me not being the cool kid, I like being an outsider.

I actually kind of prefer it. Continue reading

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