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Enthusiastic Eats: Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Who’s ready for another very easy, very affordable meal by someone who loves cooking, but has very little patience.


Today’s recipe comes from all of my favourite things to eat (lemon, garlic, shrimp, pasta) and the fact that one pot meals are the only meals I am interested in making. I love being in the kitchen, but not while doing the dishes. This pasta dish is perfect for comfort night, but healthy enough to not feel guilty for having a second helping. And there’s tons to share with that special someone!

Bon appetit! Continue reading

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5 Easy Healthy Eating Tricks

I love trying fad diets, and I love eating healthy, but I’m kind of the worst at staying consistent with my diet. So, in the light of the new year – and the fact that I have to wear a corset for WizardCon in two weeks – it’s time to get my health back on track. Which means it needs to be easy.


We all approach healthy eating like a disease or freak show: Something that we are intrigued by, but don’t want to approach. That’s why when you break down healthy eating into something super simple (and this is from someone who hates cooking on week nights and too many cravings for meal planning) eating healthy becomes a lot more doable. And because I like eating healthy, it’s all the more fun!

See below for my five tricks to eating healthier without all the stress. Continue reading

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Not Your Average Poached Eggs

I love poached eggs. They are the one kind of egg I feel confident making (yes, even over scrambled) and when I can find a delicious change to plain poached eggs on toast, then I am very happy!


Today I will be sharing my recipe for Not Your Average Poached Eggs. It’s a small but flavorful twist to the classic, and definitely one for the books. Enjoy! Continue reading

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My Favourite Fall Breakfast: Pumpkin Honey Overnight Oats

As the leaves begin to fall and the need for a jacket in the evening becomes necessary, it’s time to switch from eggs and fruit to something a bit more hearty for breakfast.

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As autumn is time for pumpkin and brown sugar and crockpot soup, I love a good bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. And something I can make the night before and just heat up the next morning (or eat cold) is exactly the kind of breakfast I want when I’d rather just stay in bed than face the bitter wind.

This recipe steals from multiple overnight oat recipes I’ve seen in the last year and I’ve made it so it’s just perfect for me. I hope you love my pumpkin overnight oats as much as I do! Continue reading

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The 3 Smoothies Everyone Needs to Be Drinking

I am a smoothie fanatic. If it’s not stuck in a blender and in a cup with a straw, I don’t want it. Smoothies are easy to make, can be relatively cheap, and if you use the right ingredients very healthy for you. What could be bad about them?

In my smoothie adventures I have discovered three smoothies that are perfect for my busy lifestyle. They keep me full and aren’t just filled with sugar, which keeps my body happy. Continue reading

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