7 Ways to Have a Simply Blissful Morning

There is something to be said about having a relaxing morning. Where you don’t have to rush, you have time to do your hair, and sitting down with a decent breakfast is not a problem. Those are the best kinds of mornings, and on Fridays, I get those kinds of mornings.

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This morning, after a slightly hectic Week 1 of winter term, I got to spend a full hour eating a buttered chocolate croissant, drinking earl grey tea, and getting to surf the web on my MacBook to get my daily news. It was truly a morning I was in dire need of. We all deserve to have some bliss and restfulness in our morning, and let’s be real, none of us get that usually.

Because we all do deserve a relaxing morning, I have come up with a list of ways to have a blissful morning, without stressing!

Have a Blissful Morning, Every Morning

1. Have a real breakfast

Take some time out of your day to actually eat breakfast. Actually cook something (an egg scramble is always a favourite) or get something from the local bakery you can warm up and slather in butter. Have some milk or juice with your coffee and put away your stress for some enjoyable reading. Chew your food slowly and enjoy the delicious flavours. Having a decent breakfast is the best way to have a great morning.Read More

The Rules of Flirt

I am a terrible flirt.

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they need to pull the flirt out of their back pocket. This week I’ve had to do that and let me tell you, I should have exercised my flirt much more in the last 19 years. Because my game is pretty weak, and it needs some fine tuning.

Flirting is this weird thing that humans do to attract each other. Few other species do it (theirs is more physical than ours) and it means that flirting is truly a dance of trying to figure out the person while making them think you’re attractive. It’s such a weird concept. But unfortunately it’s something that we all need to do to create a relationship.

I’ve given this blog post a lot of thought. I try to relate the blog to my life, but unfortunately my flirting skills are way too weak to give any advice. So, I thought I would do something I can do: a guide to figuring out how to flirt.

Morgan’s Rules to Discovering Flirting


Here’s the cool thing about flirting, there’s someone to play off of! If both of you are interested you can work off how they flirt with you. People flirt how they like to be flirted with usually, so if they are using lots of suggestive flirting, they probably like suggestive flirting. If they flirt shyly, they probably prefer shy flirting. Take the flirting you’re getting back and incorporate it into your own flirting.Read More

How to Attend a Concert

Oh look, another blog post written during midterms week! And of course, it wouldn’t truly be midterms week unless something cool/interesting/waited for happened. Because if you remember

Fall Midterms 2013 – a friend visited

Winter Midterms 2014 – SLSP EP dropped

Spring Midterms 2014 – I surprise visited my parents

So, it’s safe to say that for Fall Midterms this year, I went to a concert. Phillip Phillips came to Eugene and it was awesome!! (Seriously, go see his show, it will knock off your socks his guitar skills are so rad!)

IMG_2794 correctedPhillip Phillips marks the third concert I’ve attended this year (though definitely not the last, Vance Joy I’m coming for you next month) and I’d like to consider myself now well versed in concert etiquette. There are certain ways to prepare yourself, act, and just generally be at a concert. And I thought I’d make a little guide for you all to reference the next time you attend a concert. Hint: if you have yet to hit puberty, please do not wear a crop top at One Direction.Read More

Welcome Wednesdays 4: Your Girl Curlz

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 24: Welcome Wednesdays


Bonjour Enthusiasts! It is a Wednesday (and the first day in my new apartment) and while I go explore the complex, I thought I’d share with you some wise words from my dear friend Alex from Your Girl Curlz. Alex is a dear, dear friend of mine who I go on many adventures with (Utah|Seattle|Cali) and she has lots of insight, so having her write for the blog is great! I hope you’ll love what she has to say as much as I do, and you’ll give her lots of awesome feedback. Take it away, Alex!

Hola Enthusiasts! Alexandra Reyes is in the house so raise the roof! *raises the roof* Only joking. I hope it hasn’t been too long that you don’t remember me! But in case you have, here’s me in three words: curlz, loud, and fun. I am that one chica who did a guest post on Morgan’s fabulous blog back in February. Now I’m back again for her Everyday Enthusiasm Welcome Wednesday, and, man, am I happy about that! As one of my mottos being be strong, be brave, be you, the intention of this post is to bring up ones spirits amidst our daily commotions. I hope y’all enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoy eating hot Cheetos! -A

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Commenting: Time to Speak Out

As all bloggers do, I encourage all of my readers to comment on my posts to share their thoughts. Two  years ago, I wrote a post about boys and told my readers to comment on it, so that I may help them. This was a gigantic mistake on my part, and today I would like to talk about why.

Almost daily I receive comments very similar to this one.

I like this boy and I am shy. How do I get him to like me? HELP ME ASAP!

No hello, please, thank you, or anything. They don’t even address me by name! It is hurtful for me to basically be treated as an advice slave by a bunch of teenage girls because they don’t know how to use their commenting manners. Sometimes it irritates me so much that I will deliberately not answer a comment for days because I feel hurt. Yes, like all human beings, my feelings do get hurt.

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Miss Know It All

Recently I had the pleasure of having dinner with the most precocious 14-year-old I have ever meant. He’s well read and learned, but he absolutely drove me batty. And not because he knows more about German politics than I do. It was that he was more of a know-it-all than I am.

My whole life I’ve been a know-it-all. That’s most likely why I consider Hermione Granger my spirit animal. Spouting my knowledge of the world is something I just do. It’s kind of like how I occasionally spout Jonas Brothers songs in the supermarket; it’s just something I subconsciously do. I mean no harm by it, I just feel the need to put my input in the conversation. And, yes, I do know it is incredibly annoying.

I’ve been this way since I was a wee little thing. I just like to butt into a conversation and say what I am thinking. It drives my parents up the wall and at 19 they still tell me off on it. It takes much effort on my part to not do it at all social gatherings. Especially when “High School Musical” comes up. Because I can tell you so much about that movie, I really can.Read More

20 Things That Make Life Better

Occasionally our lives and filled with stress and general disappointment. And that makes focusing on the positive that much more difficult. Recently I’ve found myself not enjoying the little things that normally make me happy. So I made a list of 20 things that make me happy, cheer me up, and generally will lighten up any mood, in the hopes of reminding me why I love the little things. I hope this list will help you too if you’re down.

20 Things That Make Life Better, Our Smile Wider, and Make Stress Disappear

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Lifestyle Revolution

I find this post slightly better if you listen to The Bangles, so to make sure you fully appreciate this post, click this link to listen.

They say if you don’t develop healthy habits as you grow up, you won’t have them for when you’re older and wish you had those habits. This has been on my mind a lot lately. I have been neglecting some important health and lifestyle habits that I kind of wish I had more experience with as I now try to correct them. I thought I’d share with you my journey of revolting against my bad lifestyle choices.

As most people do, I struggle with my weight. I have a penchant for eating constantly (because I just really enjoy food) and I never caught on to the whole “be hot and sweaty and activity” phase as my brother has. And it’s something I’m going to fix.

I have spotty skin, which I’ve learned is not only a personal thing, but a genetic thing. Washing my face is something I’ve never enjoyed doing, and I’m trying to change it. Mostly because I’ve already gone to the dermatologist for years and I’d like to stop going completely. Plus pretty skin!

While I consider myself a productive person, I have been known to be the biggest couch potato in the world. I mean, why start organizing my room when I can take a nap? I definitely need to work on getting my bum up and getting even more accomplished. I mean, I have a lot of stuff going on *cough* blog renovation *cough*

So, now that we’ve established the lifestyle matters I need to revolt against in the hopes of improving myself as a person, let’s talk about how I’m revolting against them.Read More

How to Surprise Your Family

Today I write this blog post from the comfort of home!

That’s right, I kind of went secret spy and surprised my parents by coming home for the weekend. I know, hold your applause until the end.

You see, as much as I always think of awesome surprises, I actually never pull any. Especially since I don’t like surprises pulled on me. Seriously, if you mess with my plan I will be cranky until I get back on track. My future husband needs to be taking notes.

Anyway, as this is Memorial Weekend and I haven’t seen my family in eight weeks, this seemed an opportune time to come and visit. But telling my family would take away all the fun, so I surprised them. And surprised them as I did, because I’m pretty sure my dad was never going to move when I greeted him on the stairs.Read More

How to Organize Your Life

Life is messy.

With school, work, and other life events, actually keeping up with what is going on is almost impossible. But that’s why the good Lord invented organization. Organization is a life saver that makes the world go round. Some people use one form of planner to organize everything. Some people -me- use a bunch of planners to stay organized. And with my new term starting and with spring cleaning being a thing right now, I thought I would share with you what I think are the best forms of planners to stay on top of your busy life.

How to Organize Your Life – Results May Vary

1. Planner

Yeah, here's a preview of my birthday week. 18 Things I Learned at 18 will be up April 24th!
Yeah, here’s a preview of my birthday week. 18 Things I Learned at 18 will be up April 24th!

While I am a total technie, nothing beats an old-fashioned planner. I use the Gallery Leather Weekly Planner and it is really great. In my planner I put in non-time-specific events, flight information, penciled-in events, birthdays, and a few more things that aren’t set in stone. I like this layout because when I open my planner I can see my week at a glance with things that aren’t school or work.Read More