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Your #InternationalWomen’sDay Book List

Today is International Women’s Day, and I am so proud to be standing side-by-side with so many amazing women in this world. Everyone deserves a voice, and it is a day like today that reminds us what a voice women have.

Some of these voices are shown in literature in amazing feminist books that everyone should read. They make us laugh, they inspire us to action, or they tell a story of exactly what life has been like for women in the past. I hope you will take time during Women’s History Month and read a few.

#InternationalWomensDay Book List

*Note: These books are only a few of great books that I’ve read (that are more mainstream), there are many more out there (that are amazing and just not as popular on Barnes & Noble shelves) and I encourage you to open up your library like I will be doing this month. Continue reading

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Your Summer Reading List

As the warmer months approach and we think about lying by the pool or sitting on a park bench surrounded by flowers, we know it’s time we finally get around to that reading list of books sitting in our closet. All year long we buy books and checked New York Times’ bestsellers to see what looks good. And now we can finally read them!

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Eleanor & Park: A Review

Have you ever been in a public place and reading a book that was so powerful that you started sobbing?

That is what Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park did to me. And everyone on the 4th floor of the Knight Library at University of Oregon saw me. Continue reading

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The Social Media Tag (aka, Book Bragging)

A few weeks ago (yeah, I’m really behind on my organization) I was tagged by Sabrina from Books and Bark in the Social Media Tag. This tag is cool and different and I thought, “Hey, let’s reconnect with those books you’re always attempting to write.”

Last summer I gave myself the challenge to write an entire book. And, oddly enough, I actually accomplished that goal. It took until the very last day of summer (to be finished right before 12am) but it’s a real thing now. And definitely one of the more mature pieces I’ve ever written in terms of writing. I’ve chosen this novel for the tag. Let’s begin!

The Social Media Tag
(Or Where We Shamelessly Discuss My Book)

Describe your plot in 140 characters or less.

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August Faves: Movies, Music & More

August was one of those months where everything was awesome and I was introduced to a lot of cool new things that I love. So, what better way to show you the things I now consider staples to my enthusiasm than to make a cheeky little list for you. Here are my August faves!

If These Aren’t Your Faves, They Should: Morgan’s August Enthusiasms


I didn’t go the cinema much this month (it kind of ran by me and suddenly it was August 27th) but I did go once, and this is the movie that became my obsession.

TMNT was so good! I know it’s probably meant for 12-year-old boys, but I loved it. I grew up with the cartoon and it’s like the cooler version now that I’m an adult. I’ve always liked live action movies more, and this film just proved that live action makes all better. It was funny and clever and I think everyone could like it. I know all my male friends who have seen it loved it, and I liked it as a young adult girl, and my dad saw it with me, and I know he chuckled several times. Definitely a must watch for someone who wants to escape at the cinema for a few hours and focus on something entertaining rather than their stresses. TMNT is my movie obsession for the month. Continue reading

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