New Drugstore Products I Love

There is nothing I love more than buying a beauty product for under $10. When you keep in budget, but still get to have that special treat, that’s the spot. Lately I’ve been perusing my local Target and trying out some new drugstore beauty, and boy have I found some amazing buys.

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My 10-Minute Makeup Routine

Makeup is one of those things where I wish I didn’t have to do it, but I love it at the same time. For nights out I enjoy the process of blending eyeshadow and applying highlighter. But when I’m getting at 6am, the idea of putting just foundation on is daunting.

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My Acne-Free Skin Routine

Growing up as a victim of acne, my skin has never been something to be fond of. Teen acne turned into adult acne, and nearly a decade later I’m still in a constant war of clear skin and even skin tone.

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Best Buys of 2017

A big part of this blog is sharing the purchases that make my life better. From beauty to fashion to lifestyle, I am always trying something new to find the best out there. And today I’m sharing the best things I bought in 2017.

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3 Hair Products I'm Loving

Hair is a huge part of our identities. The cut, colour, and style express who we are to the world. So why wouldn’t we want our hair to look its best?

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Fall 2017 Beauty Essentials

With fall in full force here in Oregon – leaves are turning, I have to wear a jacket if I go outside – I figure it is time to update my beauty bag for the season.

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4 Lotions for Dry Fall Skin

While I live for the autumn leaves, sweaters, and hot chocolate, the worst part of fall must be the dry skin that follows me around all season.

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After years of dealing with finding lotions that leave my skin hydrated yet oil-free, I’ve found four lotions that are perfect for this dry season. Easy to apply and long lasting, these are the only lotions to be stocking up for what will be a cold, rainy autumn.Read More

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How I'm Preparing for the Summer/Fall Skin Change

This post is in partnership with Formula 10.0.6. All opinions are bloggers own #ad

As the weather finally starts to cool down {I know, I’m thankful too after these scorchers} I start to notice a change in my skin. And considering I’ve spent all summer trying to maintain my complexion, these new concerns are disappointing. Luckily I’ve had some help making this transition.

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Formula 10.0.6 and I have been working together to create a great mix of products that are so basic – but powerful – that they keep my skin feeling healthy and clean despite the fluctuation of seasons. And my skin has never felt better!Read More

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Inside My Makeup Bag: August 2017

Under my bathroom sink, in a large quilted bag, sits the tools for the natural look I go for every day. My makeup bag – like many others – is a reflection of myself. From my matte powder to my lengthening mascara, everything in there helps me show off my face in the best way possible.

inside my makeup bag

Earlier this year I shared my full cupboard of beauty products, and as time has changed and I’ve moved to another city, I thought it was time I shared the more condensed version of my current makeup bag.Read More

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My Favourite Eyebrow Products

If you have looked at any beauty trends over the past few years, you’ve likely seen that eyebrows have come back into style. And as someone with a funny eyebrow shape, it has been a blessing and a curse.

my favourite brow products

I have a naturally straight straight brow shape, with a small dimple right above my left brow. This has made for a strong decade of brow waxing and tweezer pinching. And now I’ve added products to shape, fill, and comb to keep my brows looking fabulous.Read More