How I Changed My Diet {+ 3 Easy Ways You Can Too!}

Eating well is hard. Especially considering every few years we hear that so-and-so is good for us, and now it’s bad for us, and now it’s okay as long as you do _________. As someone who could eat pizza for every meal, learning to eat healthy has been a challenge that I’ve faced head on. And won.

When I was 15 I found out I was lactose intolerant. At 19 I found out I don’t digest meat well. When I was 22 I found out I have a non-severe gluten allergy. And I grew up mostly drinking milk, eating meat, and inhaling bread by the handful. So when all of these things were taken away from me, it was a struggle I was not equipped to handle.

Now, a month before my 23rd birthday, I think I’ve gotten it down. Though I’m by no means perfect. But you won’t find any of those items in my house, I make a conscious effort to maintain my diet when I go out, and I always have allergen-friendly snacks in my purse. By eating better I have gained so much more energy, lost weight, and find myself less sluggish after meals, which makes me much more productive at work.

It hasn’t been easy. Goodbye are the days I would grab a turkey sandwich for lunch. And hello are the days I feel healthier and actually look forward to eating broccoli.

3 Easy Ways I Changed My Diet Habits

1. Don’t have it in the house

If I have anything with gluten in the house, I will inhale it immediately upon seeing it. It is my weakness and the thing I’m most allergic to. So the simple solution is never to have it in the house. Not a novel idea. Instead, when I’m craving gluten I find a gluten-free alternative instead. I always love to have GF oats (for making oatmeal no-bakes) and lots of protein to fill any craving I’m having.

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2. Stick to a meal plan

While I am the worst at following any sort of weekly meal plan, I like to have an idea. There are three meals I generally stick with – eggs, tuna & avocado, and fish, broccoli, and rice – and I always have those in the house. If I’m stuck on what to eat, or am leaning toward something unhealthy, I reach for one of my staples. It’s a no-brainer situation and keeps me on track no matter how dedicated I am to meal planning for the week.

3. Reward yourself

Let’s be real, we all like treats. So when I’ve been good about eating my veggies and staying away from cheese and bread, I want a treat. Sometimes it’s as small as seeing my daily progress on my Good Habit Tracker, but sometimes it’s bigger like going to get vegan ice cream or indulging in Veggie Grill. When I don’t feel limited I’m more likely to eat well, and enjoy doing it.

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2 thoughts on “How I Changed My Diet {+ 3 Easy Ways You Can Too!}

  1. SUCH a great post! I literally can relate to all your allergies/sensitivities and have been trying to figure out how to change my diet because I have gained weight and my stomach always hurts. Thanks for writing this post!

    1. Of course! For years I felt crappy after eating (and gained a bunch of weight without knowing why) and making these changes literally changed my life! Hopefully you’ll find something that works for you 😊

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