9 Scarves For The Winter Chill

The chilly winter has set in the Northern Hemisphere and it’s cold. Very cold. I have become the girl who sits in meetings in a puffer jacket, and the tip of my nose is permanently red. But who can be cold when there are lots of scarves to be worn?


In addition to my puffer jacket, I have been wearing scarves at all times to keep warm and stylish. They can be dressed up, dressed down, and are perfect for completing an outfit. My coat rack is currently full to the brim with scarves and I figured it’s time I shared the scarves I’ll be flaunting all chilly winter long.

Scarves For Warmth & Style

From cozy materials to soft pastels to fun quirky details, like fluttering fringe, there are so many beautiful options of scarves to be worn until the weather warms up. I’ve been living in a navy/tan checkered scarf and all of the scarves above are slowly going to be making their way into my closet.

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What is your must-have for winter fashion?

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