How I Deal With Frustration

Some days are just frustrating. And dealing with that frustration can be a struggle.

Mondays are already pretty rough, but this one has been a doozy. After the site being down for two days (and being unable to do anything about it but wait), having too much on my work plate for the next two weeks, and some newly arisen health problems, my frustration level is off the charts. And I need to relieve some of the tension.

To begin my own healing process, here are some of the ways I deal after a frustrating day.

How I Lower My Frustration Level

1. Go for a drive

Couple Riding Red Ford Thunderbird during Daytime

Sometimes being in the car – music blasting, scenery whooshing by – is the best way for all my stresses to melt away. It also gives me an opportunity to explore a new area, and finding a special little place always makes me feel better.

2. Work out

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Frustration/anger is a secondary emotion {as my therapist loves to remind me} and it is not meant to be taken sitting down. Get up and moving to help deal with the feelings. Lately I’ve been trying to get to the gym right after work to make sure that my head feels clear and my work problems stay at work.

3. Cook

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Cooking is such a relaxing activity because of the precision it takes to do it well. Sometimes when I’m feeling so pent up I will make myself the most difficult meal I can just so I can focus my energy somewhere else. Current frustration meals include homemade pizza, a complex protein smoothie, and fajitas.

4. Dance it out

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If the gym isn’t your thing, I definitely recommend dancing your problems away. Blast that angsty teen music and lose yourself in the beat. Sometimes having a little jam session in my apartment is what keeps me sane when nothing seems to be going my way.

5. Try out hairstyles

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If your frustration has left you feeling more defeated than pent up, I recommend playing with your hair. It’s generally a relaxing activity {who doesn’t love having their hair played with?} and still gives you something active to do. Sometimes if I’m feeling really frustrated I’ll wash my hair and go through the whole process of blowdrying, brushing, curling, and styling until my shoulders roll back.

What are your tips for getting rid of frustration? Pop it in the comments!

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One thought on “How I Deal With Frustration

  1. I LOVE this post. I feel like this isn’t something that a lot of people like to talk about, but you know what, sometimes humans get frustrated! I definitely am known to take a long drive when I’m feeling particularly agitated. Sometimes I’ll just bury myself under the covers and take a few minutes to take really deep breaths before I distract myself with innocent nonsense on the Internet too. It keeps my mind off of why I was frustrated and gives me time to detox from it so I can deal with it more productively. Thanks for sharing, Morgan!

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