Choosing New Glasses with Warby Parker

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I have been wearing eyeglasses since I was a toddler, and finding a pair is really important to me. Glasses are a part of my identity. I wear them every day, so they need to represent who I am.

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Growing up I never wore my glasses because I hated the way they looked. For me, a trip to the optometrist left me in a bad mood because none of the options looked great, making me settle on a pair I wasn’t in love with and cost too much money.

Enter Warby Parker, the brand I discovered my senior year of high school. I bought my first pair – and my sunglasses – and have never looked at another eyewear brand again. Now, nearly five years later, I am back in the market for new glasses. Luckily Warby Parker has been here for me and was able to recommend a few pairs they thought I would love. Here are what they suggested for me:

Glasses No.1 | Otis

Otis Glasses
Otis Glasses

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I like Otis because it has major Harry Potter vibes, yet still has a classic look. They fit comfortably on my head and don’t feel too big on my face. However, the jet black matte finish isn’t totally for me.

Glasses No.2 | Baker

Baker Glasses
Baker Glasses

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The tortoise framed Bakers are gorgeous, and fit all of my criteria to a T. I love the little details on the corners and the light/dark contrast of the tortoise. My only complaint would be that they are quite big.

Glasses No.3 | Haskell

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Haskell is gorgeous and is kind of like Baker on steroids. The light/dark contrast is gorgeous, the rims are a bit thicker, and the tops a little rounder. Fantastic geek glasses if I’m being completely honest. The downside? The thicker rims are a bit of a turn off.

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So, what’s the verdict? After spending time in my mirror, and consulting with a Warby Parker specialist {you can get honest opinions from employees on their app} I decided that Baker is the one for me!

Now, here’s the great thing about buying Warby Parker eyewear. First off, most glasses are only $95 – flat. Next, they can be purchased entirely online by simply uploading your eye prescription to their website. And lastly, for every pair of Warby Parker eyewear you buy  – eyeglasses and sunglasses! – they give one to someone in need. Kind of a great deal, yeah?

If you don’t know if Warby Parker is for you, take advantage of their free at-home try-on, where you can get 5 pairs for up to a week. And if that doesn’t float your boat, check on their site to see if they have a store location near you.

Thank you Warby Parker for helping me choose some fantastic new frames. It has been great working with you again!

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