My Summer Skincare Routine

If you were checking the Portland weather this weekend you will know we had lots of sunshine. There were sunglasses to be worn and sunscreen to be slathered on shoulders. After an exceptionally long winter, it seems like sun is finally in season.

summer beauty routine

With sun comes a change in skin, as we are producing more oil and the UV rays are harsh and unforgiving. That’s why I’ve revamped my skincare to take care of this quick change in seasons to make sure I still have a healthy glow while making sure to keep my skin free of oils.


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Morning routines are for clearing the slate for makeup, and for washing out anything gross that may have built up overnight.

As the skin doesn’t produce as many oils overnight – and many of those oils are beneficial to skin health – I don’t bother with lots of harsh chemicals and scrubs. The steam from my morning shower helps to open my pores, and a quick splash of water cleans out anything icky.

I then apply my favourite toner with a cotton ball to keep skin refreshed. While that dries I apply eye cream – my two favourites are this and this – as it’s important to keep the delicate skin around the eyes hydrated at all times, even in your twenties.

The final step of my morning skin routine is to apply moisturizer. During the summer it is important to find something that can help with oil control, along with providing skin protection. And for those with fair skin, a high SPF moisturizer [higher than 15] is key to avoid burning and damaging skin. I’ve been using this Cetaphil moisturizer and have had amazing results. I still have safe skin after a long day at the zoo with no hat, which makes the Cetaphil moisturizer a must-have for long summer days.



By the end of the day my skin is a complete mess. From sweating from the sun to wearing makeup to the general wear-and-tear of the day, my pores are usually clogged and my mascara has become “smokey”. It’s time to wash everything off and repair my tired skin.

I first start with washing makeup off with a cleansing towelette, such as this blemish-clearing one. Any eye makeup that remains after is wiped away with a cotton ball soaked with makeup remover – I have been using this Neutrogena one that is gentle on the eyes, yet very powerful.

Once the face is clear of makeup, I sweep over my face with micellar water with an exfoliating cotton round. I find this open pores without irritating skin like normal scrubs.  It also clears out any foundation still in the skin. I then apply a gentle Formula 10.0.6 face mask meant for clearing pores and helping complexions. This mask can be applied every day, though I will mix it up with others if I have a specific skin problem.

After my mask, I apply toner and eye cream. I’ve also been adding skin serum into my mix recently, and have fallen in love with this Drunk Elephant serum. Once the serum dries, I apply this dreamy water cream to wake up with gorgeous, happy, glowing skin.

And that’s my summer skincare routine! If you have any questions about a product, feel free to email me at

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