A Look Inside My 400 Sq Ft Apartment

If you aren’t aware, about six months ago I moved into my first “Big Girl” apartment. It’s a small studio that when I first moved in I told my mom, “There’s no way my queen bed is going to fit in here.”

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Now I’m finally putting the finishing touches on the space and I’m so excited to share it with you! This project has been one of the biggest design projects I’ve ever worked on, and with the help of many design books and my mother, it’s something I can proudly put forward.

So, without further ado, here is my apartment! (The lighting in these pics is inconsistent because the trees outside my window change the lighting from corner to corner.)


My kitchen is my eyesore, with outdated appliances and no storage. But with help from a tiny kitchen cart and little splashes of blue and white, it has become a great spot for cooking up yummy food, or sitting at the counter doing work with a cup of tea.

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I love having a counter where I can do everything from eating, working on my laptop, quick access to notebooks and cords (blue IKEA cart), or sitting around it with friends to chat.

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Love these little shakers from Target and how well the blue and white contrast my beige stove that always sets my fire alarm off.

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I love functional decoration. So having my sugar and flour, straws, a French Bulldog cookie jar filled with mint candies, and a candle as decoration give the space some personality. Plus, this gorgeous piece of art from my mother fits me so well – I say “I got this!” all of the time.

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Above my fridge is my “drink cart”, where I keep all my tea and coffee stuffs. The top of the fridge is a great place for storage if you can keep it cute!

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Because I don’t have much storage – I barely have enough for all my cups, plates, and bowls – my mom found this adorable food cart in a secondhand shop and it’s great for keeping all my food and tupperware. Beside this I have a white IKEA stool that is good for reaching tall shelves and using as an extra stool.


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This is the selling point of my apartment. From a comfy futon (that I got free from my aunt) to interesting art and details, it’s the best spot to do everything from scrolling through the Internet to chatting with friends over cups of cocoa. I spend a lot of time here. My gallery wall is still a work in progress, but has come along from what it was only a few months ago.

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This coffee table is likely my favourite part currently, as it has become a staple for living. From supporting my laptop during Netflix binges, to sitting around it for a Asian-style meal, or simply being a gorgeous piece of furniture, it was really worth every penny for what it brings to the space.

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I love to use neutral colours (like white, black, metallics, and woods) to decorate. This corner embodies my palette, along with mixing in some pastels to bring warmth into the space. Fun fact: Nothing in this corner cost more than $50.

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I bought this bookshelf when I moved into my college apartment and it continues to be a great piece for piling things onto. It’s slowly become my entertainment center (books and movies) along with a vanity for all of my jewelry. Adding whimsical pieces like my Mini Cooper just gives it that bit of personality I find so important in design.

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I love to take something so delicate, like this Pottery Barn mannequin, and overstuff it with various accessories. Everything from costume pieces to my nice J.Crew jewelry to all of the “M”s I’ve received, it’s become a conversation piece by accident.

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A big shoutout to my mom who has been instrumental to getting so much of this project done. After my brief obsession with Birchbox I still own many of the boxes, so she suggested using them as a statement wall for an awkward corner. I love how they add a pop of colour to the area, but they will pop off if I slam my closet.

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A little close-up.

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This area is my favourite for cuddling under a blanket and doing after-hours design work. This papasan chair is from Pier 1 Imports. I bought it right after a friend did and how the two of us use it in our spaces is so different, despite it being the same chair down to the cushion. Everyone needs a cozy little nook for work.


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In this case, “bedroom” refers to corner where a bed is. I went with an all-white bed because it makes me feel like I’m staying at a hotel every day. I put the bed on raisers to make storage space. It also makes the bed level with the sill, which means waking up feels like living in a forest from seeing all the trees outside. Also, how cute is my Labrador pillow? It was a birthday gift and has become my companion for cuddles.

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When I bought my coffee table I found myself needing to repurpose my end tables. This one from Target and is perfect for displaying this gorgeous hydrangea plant I got for my birthday. The placement gives the right amount of sunlight, and doesn’t clutter the space.

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I wasn’t kidding when I said I live in a forest. Right outside my window is a little stream and plenty of trees to shield me from the cul-de-sac on the other side. I love being able to look out my window and pretend I am living in a forest instead of in the suburbs.

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Little details matter. A candle and little typewriter trinket give my windowsill a little interest.

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This photo is a bit whitewashed, but still does a good job of showing my multipurpose station. Whether I’m using it as a bedside table, storage for winter clothes (the baskets), a place to store various office supplies, or anything else I could need, this desk has become a space I use every day. I am hoping to replace it in the future with a armoire of some sort, but am still on the hunt. The tackboard is new too, and I’m still looking for things to pin on it beside my photo with Eric Hutchinson.

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Another little close-up. I took a black desk and black radio I’ve had for years and dressed them up with a fake plant, candles, and little trinkets. The photos on the side will be used for a project in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

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My bedroom is complete with this mirror from IKEA I just picked up. While I need my dad to come with a stud finder to hang it, it’s become a great floor mirror. Before I didn’t have a full-length mirror to check my outfits, and I really don’t know how I’ve been dressing coordinated for so long.

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I think shoes are a great way to decorate. Choosing styles in coordinating colours makes the space feel lived in. And these are all shoes I wear often, depending on the weather and what I’m up.


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The bathroom is probably the place where I’ve put the least amount of effort, but it’s the next to tackle. I love grey bathrooms, because grey is calming. The pop of yellow shower curtain brings a little happiness, but I’m slowly making the transfer to purple. I love bathrooms that relax me.

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While I don’t love crowded counters, I like counters with a little personality. Usually my vase is filled with bath bombs (I need to visit Lush) but everything else is something I use often, from my makeup brushes to my favourite Tory Burch perfume.

And that’s my apartment! If you’re curious where something came from, feel free to ask in the comments. Thank you so much for reading, and have a great rest of your week!

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