5 Easy Healthy Eating Tricks

I love trying fad diets, and I love eating healthy, but I’m kind of the worst at staying consistent with my diet. So, in the light of the new year – and the fact that I have to wear a corset for WizardCon in two weeks – it’s time to get my health back on track. Which means it needs to be easy.


We all approach healthy eating like a disease or freak show: Something that we are intrigued by, but don’t want to approach. That’s why when you break down healthy eating into something super simple (and this is from someone who hates cooking on week nights and too many cravings for meal planning) eating healthy becomes a lot more doable. And because I like eating healthy, it’s all the more fun!

See below for my five tricks to eating healthier without all the stress.

The Enthusiast Tricks You Into Healthy Eating: A Guide

1. Fruit bowls


This is the best idea I’ve ever had, and I’m a little upset it took me this long. Whenever I’m in Trader Joe’s I always see the best selection of fresh and dried fruits. So why not combine them? Whenever I’m hungry and I’m craving something bad (my favourite is bread) I make myself a fruit bowl. It’s whatever I have in the kitchen and put it in a bowl. Currently it’s a few strips of dried mango, a handful of blueberries, a handful of raisins, and pomegranate seeds. And because it’s fruit, the more the merrier, and I am nice and full when I reach the bottom of the bowl.

2. Make it ahead

After lots of research, I found a drink that I like that helps promote health. It’s rooibus tea, lemon juice, honey, and cinnamon. And a cup every morning and every night has made a difference. But I don’t have time always to make it. That’s why I make a big batch at night. Then I can just warm it up in the morning or the next night. It’s a great way to keep drinking something healthy while not feeling burdened by time.

3. Eat that sorbet

Green Apple Sorbet  I just made this. Next time, I would probably only use 1 cup sugar as it was a little too sweet. Also the base of this recipe is like making homemade apple sauce. For a quick fruit sorbet, just add apple sauce to an ice cream machine!:

I love cookies and chocolate, but about two cookies is equivalent to half the gallon of sorbet in my freezer. And I would much rather eat a half gallon of mango sorbet. Find a dessert you love that isn’t horrible for you (like low-sugar sorbets, dark chocolate, yogurt, etc.) and only have that in your house. So even when you’re craving, it’s okay to have some – and maybe a little extra – because it’s not the worst thing for you. That’s how healthy eating is fun.

4. Find your chip alternative

Did you know that my apple chips are low-calorie, low-carb, and low-sugar? And they’re just as satisfying as Ruffles? Find your version of chips and keep that in your cupboard. Makes bingeing in front of the couch a lot healthier. Just check all the ingredients and the nutrition label as many chip alternatives can be just as bad as chips.

5. Put lemon in everything

Bright and sunny lemons:

Lemon is life. I probably go through three to five a week. I put it on everything! Tea, salad, chicken, pasta, shrimp. I find I use a lot less salt and sugar in my foods when I have lemon. As a bonus, lemon has been shown to promote weight loss through detox. And I am all about that detox!

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