Favourites Friday #41



This week is the very last week of my college career.

The last week of homework, of tests, of sitting in a classroom learning things while longingly looking at the August sky. I’m in denial and the fact I’m one homework assignment away from graduation terrifies me.

In order to celebrate this week for the milestone that it is (seriously, at 21 I’m finished with schooling for the foreseeable future) I wanted to indulge in things that seriously make me happy. What are those things? Good tastes, good feels, and feeling completely spoiled. That’s why this week’s favourites are things that make me feel pampered and special, or just bring me plain ol’ joy.

As I sit on the couch and slowly come to the realization I am almost done sitting in classrooms and taking tests let’s enjoy some favourites!

Note: Links to favourites are hyperlinked after the number.

The Spoiled Graduate: A Favourites Friday

1. “We Don’t Talk Anymore” Charlie Puth


This song is currently my obsession! It’s on play 24/7 in my apartment. Whether I’m studying, cooking, cleaning, or sitting in some candlelight writing, this song is on. The best way to enjoy it is at blasting volume in your kitchen, singing into a spoon, while wiggling your hips over some tacos.


2. Pineapple and cilantro Maison candle

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 6.50.51 PM

I cannot find this candle for my life anywhere, but I bought it at Nordstrom Rack and I love it. I can’t smell, but it brings me a sense of peace whenever I burn it. I get a little less stressed out and feel very homey when it’s burning, which makes doing anything and everything a much more enjoyable experience. Plus, the holder is so cute!


3. St. Ives Purifying Sea Salt & Pacific Kelp body wash

It’s not often I go crazy over a body wash, but this one is perfection. It leaves my skin so smooth and soft that even when I forget to put on lotion my arms feel heavenly! It’s been great in this crazy sweaty heat and my skin has never felt so amazing. It’s truly a luxury.



4. Natural Nectar Choco-Dream Cookies

Because I’m too lazy to walk to Safeway every week I’ve been shopping at my local grocer down the street from me. Honestly? Best thing that’s ever happened to me. And alongside the tons of amazing other buys I’ve gotten from there, these cookies are my life. So much so I have two boxes in my fridge right now. The chocolate is creamy and sweet and the cookie adds the perfect amount of crunch. These cookies are the perfect treat.



5. The ‘lob’

awesome Next / Nadia Mejia:

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 7.03.26 PM


If you’ve been online at all in the last three years you’ve heard of the lob, or long bob. It’s a universally flattering haircut that just about everyone and their mother is getting. And now me.

After growing my hair out for the better part of forever, I finally made the chop Wednesday and couldn’t be happier. My hair feels more free and is healthier than ever! Plus, the amount of hairstyles available with a lob are crazy fun and it’s been a good time trying everything out. This is one haircut I could get used to having!

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