Favourites Friday #40: The Josh Hutcherson Edition

Every summer I choose an actor and watch their filmography until IMDB practically guesses that I’m going to type their name in. This year: Josh Hutcherson.

It started by accident. I wanted to watch Saturday Night Live and realized I’d never seen his episode. And suddenly there I was, watching hours and hours of The Hunger Games star in various movies in all different genres. It was kind of like I was in a trance from his very defined jawline. Oh, and if you don’t hear from me soon, it’s because one of my best friends loves him and if she finds out what I did she might kill me. I can’t help how cute he is?!

Anyway, instead of listing out products this week I thought I would rank my favourite JHutch movies as I did not have even one favourite a week ago. Seriously, I probably could have named two. And because I’m me and I love suspense, my favourite one is last because it deserves to have build up. Literally, I am obsessed with #1. And let the record show this is not to rank his characters, but to rank the films overall on all qualities.

Okay, so who’s ready?

Note: Links to film DVDs are hyperlinked after the number.

Favourites Friday: The JHutch Edition

5. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant

I saw this with my friend Maryse when I was in high school and remember being obsessed because I was really into vampires and freaky stuff at that time. Plus, Chris Massoglia was…bae. The books this film was based off are really good, and the film did a great job of capturing the story. I still love this movie years later (I own it, that’s how bad it is) and it deserves this fifth spot over The Hunger Games.

But onto JHutch. He plays Steve, who is this rebellious truant with a bad family life who becomes this major vampire jerk. Probably not the best character personality wise, but well acted. But those vampire eyes are fre-kay. My favourite scene would have to be at the freak show when he looks genuinely terrified. Priceless!

4. The Kids Are All Right

I rented this with my mother when it first came out and didn’t understand anything other than the boy was cute and it was the girl from Alice in Wonderland. Upon rewatching I had a lot of thoughts:

  • Julianne Moore and Annette Benning make a very cute couple, despite they really need to go to counseling
  • Were we ever going to get an explanation for Laserbeam?
  • For a lesbian she sure had a lot more sex with men than women in this movie
  • Was I the only one scared that Joni was going to kiss Paul at some point?

I really loved this movie because it was oddly realistic for such an unrealistic plot. And I would have really liked some closure on the whole Laser/Clay scenario because I think Laser really needed a friend because his one friend turned out to be a psychopath. JHutch was great as Laser and wish he’d had more of a plot line past the whole Clay thing. I’d forgotten he was in this one, but was very pleasantly surprised.


3. Zathura: A Space Adventure

Every kid I know loves this movie and rightly so! Space, adventure, brotherly love, action, a mission! How could it get more exciting? If you don’t know, Zathura is about two young brothers who end up being sent into space on a mission to get back home. Honestly, I’m a mostly grown woman and I live for this movie. And when I have sons (because little boys are the cutest) this will be the movie I make them watch over and over again just so I have the excuse of watching it. Dax Shepard and Josh Hutcherson make one hell of a Walter.


2. Little Manhattan

This movie was definitely tied for first, and considering I watched it last night by candlelight in my empty apartment going, “Aww!” 90 million times, I’ll give it the second spot. This is honestly the most pure, innocent love story ever. If you want to laugh, cry, smile, frown, etc. you need to watch 10-year-old Josh Hutcherson narrate the tale of Gabe and Rosemary.

The best line of the movie? “Geez, it was easier scheduling Arab-Israeli peace talks than make a date with this girl!”

Choice moments of the movie include Gabe pretending to talk to Rosemary in the mirror, Gabe and Rosemary holding hands, and infamous barfing scene which will forever go down in my as the definition of “cooties”.

1. Detention

OKAY CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT CLAPTON DAVIS FOR A MINUTE? First off, I’m pretty sure Clapton Davis is uttered at least once a minute for this entire movie. Second, I think I’m in love with someone who 1) is fictional and 2) I would have likely deemed a total loser when I was in high school.

Yeah, I should probably talk about my favourite new movie for some context.

Detention follows a group of high school students in the wake of their classmate being killed by a Scream-esque killer. Riley is hopelessly in love with Clapton Davis and is extremely suicidal. Ione has an ’90s obsession that will send us all back in time. Sander just really wants to get with Riley and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. And Clapton Davis believes that “good taste is not a democracy” and is stealing the hearts of about everyone that he meets. There’s time travel, vegetarianism, Canadians, and a lot of blood in this clever film that is a brain workout for every second.

I love it.

I have probably watched it every day since I watched it a week ago and have mentioned it to everyone I’ve ever come in contact with. I Snapchatted my favourite lines to my story and it’s probably the most popular I’ve ever been on Snapchat ever. I can’t even think of a favourite scene (although the opening credits have to go down in history as awesome) and you need to watch it yourself to fully understand.

Thank you Joseph Kahn for bringing me Clapton Davis.



Please don’t hate me because The Hunger Games did not make it to this list. I had to leave the second movie because it gave me anxiety. But #TeamPeeta anyway.

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