7 Products for Smooth, Silky, Healthy Hair

When I was 15 I used to abuse the heck out of my hair. Blow dry and curl every day, not use heat protectant, using hair tools on wet hair, etc. If it was bad for your hair, you name it. I went into my hairdresser for a trim and she commented on how healthy and nice my hair was, and almost had a heart attack when I told her about my hair habits. I was naturally blessed with nice hair, but that is when I was 15.

Now I’m about to round out my 20th year of life and my hair is no longer the masterpiece of my youth. I can’t curl when it’s wet and if I don’t leave without product it’s a frizz-ball about to happen. The older we get the older our hair gets, which means it needs a little extra TLC. That’s why every hair-loving hair owner needs these nine products in their arsenal for bad hair days and overall hair health. Healthy hair is happy hair, and having one of your most noticeable assets looking good is too important.

Below are nine hair products that I believe should be in everyone’s vanity and used on a regular basis to keep hair healthy and beautiful, just like we like it!

*Note: Products that are bolded are personal favourites of the list

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1. Shampoo & conditioner

I've been hearing a lot of great things about this brand Organix and I was wondering if I should try it...:

The first time I got my hair ombréd my stylist made it very clear what kind of shampoo and conditioner I should be using. Something sans sulfates and with a focus toward what was most important (frizz eliminating, color treatment, thin hair, etc.). In the two years since, and in the countless years I have been purchasing shampoo, here are a few that I have found to be amazing.

2. Hair oil

Hairdresser's invisible oil - smoothes, reduces frizz, tames flyaways, detangles, and strengthens hair against breakage.:

Using hair oil is a newer phenomenon for me, but as I’ve started incorporating it into my everyday routine, I have noticed my hair has improved tenfold. Shine, health, and a lack of frizz (which is a miracle in Eugene spring) have all been benefits of regularly using hair oil. I simply apply a small amount to damp hair, comb it out, wrap it up in a towel, and then style regularly. Or you can apply to dry hair to smooth flyaways. All the different ones I have tried have all done amazing jobs on all three of those areas, so feel free to choose your favourite from the following products.

3. Dry shampoo

DIY All Natural Dry Shampoo | Free People Blog #freepeople:

Dry shampoo is a must for anyone with an oily head (me) or who hates washing their hair early in the morning (me). I always have dry shampoo on my person (even for overnight trips!) and find it essential. Best way to apply is the night before so it blends while you sleep, but if you’re in a rush, applying and waiting 10 minutes before blending does the same job! These are my favourite dry shampoos.

4. Hair mask

Every once in a while when my hair is having a rough time I like to give it a spa day. Turn on a movie, grab some dark chocolate blueberries, and wrap my hair up in a mask to give it the hydration and loving it needs. All hair masks do something different, so go for one that treats your specific hair. Below I’ve listed ones that I’ve liked for general use.

5. Texture spray

rab a can of texturizing spray or dry shampoo — Tran prefers Oribe's Dry Texture Spray — and blast the roots of your hair, holding the spray 12 inches away from your head. Go section by section, and slowly layer the spray into your locks, avoiding the ends.:

Texture spray is so important when you have limp boring hair and you’re meeting the girls for brunch in an hour. Texture spray can do so much to your hair, so it’s important to always have some in your arsenal. From sea salt spray to shine spray to just plain volume, choose one for the look you want. Personally, I love a more tousled look.

6. Heat protectant

One of the biggest way to keep your hair healthy is to use heat protectant whenever using a hot tool (hair dryer, flat iron, curling wand, etc.) Using any heat protectant will work, but be sure to use something with good reviews since that will just ensure that people have had positive results. Personally, when choosing a heat protectant I go with brands I’ve had success with previously.

7. Leave-in conditioner

And last, leave-in conditioner is one of the best ways to ensure hair health. Applying some to hair after your shower will ensure that your hair has conditioning through your entire day, which is great if you have any sort of hair-harsh weather in your area. I believe in always having some on hand, and applying some on lazy days to keep my hair extra happy.

What products do you use on your hair? Interested in knowing what hair tools I use? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love the living proof perfect hair day shampoo and 5in1 styling treatment. It’s made a huge difference to my hair and you can buy travel sizes to test it out before investing in full sized which I think is a great idea! I’ve never tried hair oil before but like the sound of the Bumble and Bumble one, I’ll have to give it a go! Great post thanks!

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