Favourites Friday #12

Since the last Favourites Friday I have done a lot of traveling. In total it’s been around 7 hours of driving in about four days. Which means my skin is drying out, my hair is frizzy, and, oh, my bum is more numb than a kid on novacaine.

It’s so nice to finally be home for the holidays (despite the small dinosaur of a puppy following me around) and I’m recovering from how much travel takes out of the body. Travel is not easy on the body and everyone knows it. Whether it’s a creaky neck or dessert-level cuticles, when you’re traveling it’s important to have a toolbox of products that will save your appearance so you still look as fly in Dubai as you did in the USA.

This week’s Favourites Friday features the products that saved me this week while going from city to city. And hopefully you’ll find a few to add to your own travel kit!

The Travel Beauty Toolbox: A Favourites Friday

OGX Healing + Vitamin E shampoo & conditioner ($16)

It’s always good to switch up your shampoo – especially when you travel! Exposing your hair to different temperatures, humidities, and climates in general is going to screw with it, so changing to a shampoo/conditioner that is going to continually condition and heal your hair so that it keeps shiny and healthy even when you’re living out of a suitcase. This shampoo/conditioner combo does that and has seriously healed my hair so much in the last few days. I definitely recommend this when traveling, especially since the bottles are the perfect size for a long vacation.

Revlon ColorStay Makeup in Sand Beige ($10)

I struggle more than the average human when it comes to choosing a foundation. Maybe that’s why I’ve only been wearing BB creams and tinted moisturizers for the last few years. But I’ve finally found one that works not only for my oily skin, but for matching my skin and not streaking all day long. Seriously, this stuff stays on for hours. It’s perfect for traveling because of it’s lightweight formula, and it’s great coverage masks all terrible skin flaws that come with the travel bug.

amika Perk Up dry shampoo ($6)

Another issue with traveling is that your hair gets greasy, and it gets greasy fast. That’s why dry shampoo (in the adorable travel size this one comes in) is essential when I’m traveling. This past week I’ve become the queen of doing my hair one day, and dry shampooing the next when I have an early morning of car rides. This one smell amazing (my boyfriend had many the compliment) and makes hair look super nice and shiny (my friends had many the compliment too).

Marcelle Hydra-C 24H Energizing Hydrating gel ($24)

I have raved about this product before, but this week I truly saw the results of it. My skin dries up and breaks out like none other when I’m traveling and I HATE IT. But this miracle cream that I’ve been using only as eye cream (it is an amazing eye cream) saved my skin this week. Applying a thin layer to my face at night helped moisturize and clear up my skin. I definitely recommend adding this cream to your regime on a regular basis.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream ($12)

Dry hands are another thing that travel and cold weather both bring out, and for me it gets really bad. That’s why my F.A.B. hand cream is amazing. It can be used for all skin, but I love having my little container in my purse for spur of the moment dry hands that always happen when I’m in the car. It is deeply hydrating and feels miraculous on skin after quickly absorbing.

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