Why You Should Keep a Diary

I am an avid diary writer. When I was in grade school and didn’t have the energy to hold a pen at night, I used to dictate to my mother so she would write for me.

Diary writing is something that I’ve naturally always felt is a good idea. What could possibly be wrong with writing down the day? And as I’ve grown older, I have plenty of filled up Moleskines stock full with years of Morgan. Having a diary has been a mental relaxation that I’ve used for as long as I can remember. I mean, Colin Clark wrote a bestseller with his diary! Anne Frank became a household name from hers!

Writing a diary is something I believe everyone should do because it’s cathartic and helps relieve stress. Both of which are things people need more of. So I’ve made a list of why everyone should have a diary!

Why Everyone Should Write in a Diary

1. It’s a stress reliever

One of the best pieces of advice my time in therapy has given me is to write my day down. I write down all my worries, everything I’ve done that day, and everything that I’m hoping to accomplish. This takes away those stresses before I fall asleep and gives me less stress and anxiety before bed. It’s helped my sleep and helped me with my overall anxiety.

2. It’s a look into the past

One of the reasons I started going to therapy was when I looked into an old diary of mine from high school. Reading a few of those entries made me realize how unhappy I was at that time. Having diaries gives you insight to how you are now and in the past. And if it weren’t for my old diaries, I wouldn’t be in the good place I am now.

Also, it lets you look back at how you felt when really good things happened. I still have my diary entry from when my boyfriend asked me to go official last year!

3. It gives you an excuse to buy cool notebooks

Why do I have so many cool/cute/colourful notebooks? Diaries.

4. It winds you down after a long day

The best way to get a good night’s sleep is to fall asleep when you’re calm. And writing down your day is a great way to calm down. You’re able to put all your worries onto the pages of your diary and let those little things from today just slip off your conscious.

5. It helps you as a writer

The best way to improve your writing is to write often. And for some of us, writing a chapter a night is just not a thing we have time for. But writing a diary entry? That’s five minutes of your day that you definitely have to spare. And because a diary is a personal thing, you can try different writing styles, you can play with words, and be imaginative or as serious as you want. Some of the greatest writers kept journals, so why shouldn’t you?


Who already writes a diary? Who’s going to start? And yes, you can replace the word diary with journal.

Thank you so much for reading and check back on Wednesday for more enthusiastic reads!

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3 thoughts on “Why You Should Keep a Diary

  1. I wrote in a diary for a week when I was 16 years old. It didn’t stick and felt like a waste of time because I could never write personal things. Being scared of someone reading your inner thoughts was enough to deter me from writing a daily log.

    Two years ago I started working as a Software Developer. I saw my boss writing down his daily dose of work done and things thought. It was a nice idea for me to keep track of my work as I won’t have to write personal things. I’ve been writing for two years now and the results are fantastic. I can reread some of the fun days and find information I need quickly. Even my coworkers are impressed by how I’ve been diligently keeping a daily log. I use Microsoft’s OneNote software (which is now free by the way) as I don’t have time to keep handwritten notes (being a slow writer does not help).

    I like the idea of getting nice notebooks and writing in them. I’ve heard from multiple people about how good of an idea it is to write in a notebook everyday. Although I agree, I haven’t done it yet, but I am slowly creeping towards making it into a reality.

    Thanks for the thought! Keep writing!

    1. Shreyas Atre,

      I applaud you! That’s really impressive that you’ve done that for two years. Not even I’m that diligent. Good luck with creeping towards the reality!


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