School Lunch Ideas

School time is upon us!

All throughout grade school I was a home pack lunch queen. I had this thing about school lunches that I just couldn’t get past. Which is when I became a pro at making home packed lunch interesting and delicious.

And because it’s time to start making school lunches again (hello, classes and budgets) I thought I’d share with you all my go-to lunches I make for when I’m on campus or at work during lunch time. Because we all need to up our lunch game, right?

Your Best School Lunch Yet. I Promise.

Mason jar salad

I discovered these very early this summer and I’m definitely doing them for the school year. All you need is a mason jar, salad greens, and salad toppings! It’s easy peasy and all you have to do is shake when you’re hungry. Perfect for work.

Miso soup

I love miso soup and it’s so filling in the middle of the day, plus it doesn’t give me the post-lunch sleeps. And luckily you can buy miso soup bases that are easy to make in the morning and just put in a thermos for lunch.

Caprese pesto sandwich

I got into these from my mom (which I’m sure is from somewhere on the web). All you need? Ciabatta bun, mozzarella cheese, pesto, and tomato. A great vegetarian option and very filling. Simply put the mozzarella, pesto, and tomato on the ciabatta and chow down. Really great for when you want a break from your PB&J.

Pra ram

This is my favourite Thai restaurant. It’s simply rice, spinach, protein and peanut sauce. I find this the perfect filling lunch and really easy to make a lot of and eat throughout the week. My choice of protein is usually steak (until now when I try to avoid red meat) but it’s good with chicken and tofu too.


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