Favourites Friday: Comedy Curls Colouring While Design Shopping

Favourites Friday


So, it’s been a long week. And instead all of us focusing on work and school and other stresses, let’s talk about something fun. Morgan’s weekly favourites!

This week’s been crazy. From working more hours to family stuff to having to finish a million things at once so I can have a fun weekend with my parents and boyfriend (it’s my mom’s birthday, so shout out to her!) my favourites this week are focused on what I’ve been doing in my limited free time. But they were so worth it. So let’s check them out, yeah?

Favourites Friday? More Like Fabulous Favourites Friday

Comedy specials

What do I do when I am avoiding all responsibility? Watch comedy specials like they are cake and I am the kid from Matilda. From watching Jim Gaffigan talk about Hot Pockets to John Mullaney explain how he could not killed Princess Di to Kathy Griffin just being herself, this week has been defined by how many comedy specials I have watched.

Mostly because I love John Mullaney. And hearing the “What’s New Pussycat” joke.

Lazy girl curls (or curlz as YourGirlCurlz would say)

Waking at 6:30 is not very fun. Doing my hair at 7:30 is even less fun. That’s why there’s lazy girl curls. It’s the barely there, but looks like I put effort in look. And I have perfected it to the point where I’m pretty sure everyone at my work things I put a lot of effort into how I look. But I do not. And that’s why lazy girl curls are a perfect hairstyle that every girl must know because it will save you time, effort, and ten more minutes of sleep Monday morning. For a tutorial, click here.


One of my friends on Snapchat is an artist, and she makes me want to colour things about seven times a day. So this week I decided to print out adult colouring sheets and give it a whirl. It’s proven to be a great stress reliever, and it’s productive!

Wallet/purse shopping

I’ve currently been on the hunt for the perfect wallet. I’ve been doing this for a few years now, but as my current one starts to die, my hunting has become more obsessive. Purses just come with the territory, but that perfect wallet will be mine one day. Once I find it.

Graphic design

I’ve always loved graphic design, and that’s one I love about being a journalism student: There’s a lot of graphic design. I’ve spent a lot of time in the Adobe Suite creating things this week (blog related and personal) and it’s just really fun to create stuff and see what I can make. I just figured out how to create a hard cover design for Affairs in Indesign, so that’s been really fun.


What were your favourites this week?

Tomorrow’s Song Saturday, so make sure to check in for some more musical weekend nonsense!

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