Faves Fridays 4: Eating Thai Food in a Dishwasher at a Tea House

Everyday Enthusiasm Day 26: Faves Friday

Fave Fridays


Howdy y’all! It’s the last Faves Friday, which means it needs to go out with a bang! And this week I’ve got some pretty choice favourites, and some great stories to go along with them!

Morgan’s Favourite-y Favourites of the Week

Glass milk bottles


After watching one too many Zoella home decor videos, I became obsessed with little jars for everything. And because she uses milk bottles, of course I had to buy a milk bottle! I use it as a toothbrush holder, but I want to buy a bunch more for everything. It’s just a quirky alternative for any sort of container in your house/apartment, and I just think they are really adorable. Everyone needs milk bottles!

Thai food

This week, as you’ll know, I moved into my first apartment. And as part of roommate bonding, my roommates and I decided to get some thai, watch some TLC, and watch Gypsy Sister over pad thai like we were born to do it. Little did we know it would be the BEST THAI FOOD IN HISTORY! Seriously, it was so delicious and I just wanted more of it after each bite. I’m not even that big of a thai fan. It was seriously too good not to be a weekly fave.


Did you know that nothing can get past the deadbolt on my apartment door? Yep, I am 100% safe in my apartment as long as there isn’t an axe murderer. I didn’t know how much I appreciated deadbolts until now. Especially since the normal lock on our didn’t work until about 15 minutes ago, so thank the good Lord for deadbolts!

Tea houses

One of my favourite things about Eugene is Townshend’s Teahouse. You can get just about any tea you can imagine and it is fantastic! Every time I come I get a different tea and it is always delicious. I haven’t been to too many other tea houses, but if they are all like Townshend’s, I’m probably going to become a tea house enthusiast. Watch out, new blog name coming through…


After not having a dishwasher all week, I realize that dishwashers are essential to my form of living. And if you only have two spoons in your apartment, necessary. Dishwashers are a fave this week because I love mine because I appreciate how useful it is. Never shall I ever take my dishwasher for granted again.


And those are my faves of this week! I hope that you will catch on to some of them and will let me know if they become some of your faves. What are some things you loved this week? I’m always on the look out for new faves!

Everyday Enthusiasm Header

Thank you for reading the very last Faves Friday for Everyday Enthusiasm. Check back tomorrow for Song Saturday for my top songs of the week!

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