Thought Thursdays 2: Not Too Deep With Grace Helbig

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Thought Thursdays

It’s time for me to review stuff! This week I am doing the new podcast, Not Too Deep With Grace Helbig. If you don’t watch itsGrace’s videos, you might be a little unfamiliar with Grace Helbig, a popular YouTuber formerly known as DailyGrace. Her new podcast released recently, and I’ve finally gotten the time to sit down and listen. Here is my review!

Morgan Reviews Not Too Deep With Grace Helbig

Okay, so I’ve just listened to the first episode of “Not Too Deep With Grace Helbig.” And I’m still laughing five minutes later. Grace sat down with Tyler Oakley, another YouTube favourite, and together they make an entertaining duo that’s totally worth listening to for half an hour.

I’m very used to watching Grace on a screen. She makes entertaining faces and it’s definitely part of her appeal. Because of this, I was unsure of how long the podcast could keep my attention. I mean, listening to people talk for half an hour seems like such a daunting task (it’s part of the reason it took me so long to actually sit down and listen.) However, Grace exceeded my expectations and had my full attention for every minute.

Her podcast is funny and fresh and actually entertaining to listen to. It’s not bland. Her voice is great for radio/podcast and she is great at expressing feeling without using her face. She keeps the show going along and it never feels drawn out. If I have to say anything, it’s that Grace knows how to plan out a podcast.

After enjoying the first podcast so much, I’m very excited to continue listening. I know that I will be entertained every week and that Grace will make me laugh – resulting in much more lost calories than the gym.

Overall, I definitely recommend listening to “Not Too Deep With Grace Helbig.” If you’re already a Grace fan, you’ll love it, and if you’re not, you might just end up being one. The podcast is very Grace and it’s great. I know I’ll be listening to this week’s podcast on the plane home.

You can subscribe to Grace’s podcast here on iTunes.


Thanks for reading another one of my reviews here on Thought Thursdays! Check back tomorrow for Faves Friday and for my return back from beautiful California 🙁

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4 thoughts on “Thought Thursdays 2: Not Too Deep With Grace Helbig

    1. I’ve been listening to Tyler Oakley’s Psycho Babble recently, and I really love The Simply Luxurious Life’s Simple Sophisticate podcast too. And if you’re a movie buff like me, Meet the Movie Press is great.

  1. bareMinerals
  2. Some other podcasts I think you’d enjoy are:

    Jenna and Julien (obvs Jenna Marbles, if you don’t like her as a YTber then you might not enjoy this, but I like them together. Generally 50 minutes, and Julien is supes cool.)

    Meghan Tonjes and her roommate Keith, it’s called: Adventures in Roommating. (So great, I really love her.)

    and, Welcome to Our Podcast. (Which is Mike Falzone and his girlfriend Coffee Girl. Also just Mike Falzone on YT, my fave man on the frickin’ planet.)

    Great review, Morgan! <3

    1. Noralee,

      Dude, hey! I’ve checked out a few of these and I like them. I wish I had more time to just sit down and listen to podcasts all day. I’ll definitely give the ones I haven’t heard of a try!


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