20 Things That Make Life Better

Occasionally our lives and filled with stress and general disappointment. And that makes focusing on the positive that much more difficult. Recently I’ve found myself not enjoying the little things that normally make me happy. So I made a list of 20 things that make me happy, cheer me up, and generally will lighten up any mood, in the hopes of reminding me why I love the little things. I hope this list will help you too if you’re down.

20 Things That Make Life Better, Our Smile Wider, and Make Stress Disappear

  1. Baby cuddles – because cute warm babies clutching you is adorable
  2. Chocolate – do I need say more?
  3. Listening to your favourite artist – sometimes your favourite music makes everything seem a lot better
  4. Naps – sometimes some shut eye is the best treatment
  5. Eating a healthy meal – sometimes taking care of yourself means doing so in more than one way
  6. Exercise – nothing relieves sadness and stress like twenty minutes of Just Dance
  7. Babbling with friends – sometimes those meaningless conversations are the reasons you keep going
  8. Bathing – a long soak in the tub or a hot shower is exactly what you need when you need to unwind
  9. Good morning texts – nothing like being the first thing someone thinks of
  10. Hugs – once again, need I say more?
  11. Attention from dogs – a warm, happy dog makes you warm and happy too
  12. Going through photo albums – positive memories make for positive feelings
  13. Listing out positive things – making a list of things that are going good for you will remind you that things are going good
  14. Feel good movies – nothing like smiling and crying over cute family scenes
  15. Dancing crazily – dance out with the negative energy, and feel the endorphins fill you with positive energy
  16. Cup of tea – sometimes some delicious, creamy, hot tea first thing in the morning is the reason the day is good
  17. Singing out loud – lose yourself to a good song
  18. A new hairstyle – change can improve your self worth, which just makes you feel TONS better
  19. Human interaction – interact with those you love, simple as that
  20. Time to yourself – sit back, put on some music, and just bask in your existence, because you’ve made it this far and that’s fantastic

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3 thoughts on “20 Things That Make Life Better

  1. This was such a great reminder of all the positive things in life! I really really needed this right now, so thank you. 🙂

    1. stateofgrace14,

      I’m so happy you enjoyed this post! We all forget about those little things that we love, so I’m happy that I could remind you of them in a time of need!

      Thanks for reading!
      Morgan xx

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