Marrying Troy Bolton (A Q&A)

You guys sent me questions, I answered. And this time we got really personal and not personal and discussed plenty of celebrity action, so you know it will be a good one. Prepare for answers! (P.S. big announcement in one of the questions!)

What is your best tweet this week?

What is something that made you happy lately?

Twice this week I have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger award and I am so honoured. To know that people find me inspiring out of all the options of bloggers to choose makes me feel so good about the content I am producing. A big thank you to Hannah and Arya!

Your blog posts have recently been more serious and on more controversial topics. Why the change?

There’s not really a reason. I’m posting more, which means I need more topics per week, and since I don’t like to write too many posts on the same subject I’m trying to branch out. I want to write about the things that matter, and sometimes those are the ones that are the least written about. So that’s kind of why the change happened.

How do I get to be a guest blogger?

Pop me a comment at the bottom and I’ll get back to you. I’m always looking for new voices to share on the blog.

What’s something you want to share with your readers?

These vines.

Did you know you’ve got almost 1,000 subscribers? How does that feel?

Weird. Seriously, a year ago I was just hitting 500 after two and a half years of blogging. I am still dealing with it. Thank you so much to every single person who has clicked that button. I owe it all to you.

Kiss, Marry, Kill: Troy Bolton, Nick Jonas, Jesse McCartney

Kiss: Jesse McCartney Marry: Troy Bolton Kill: Nick Jonas (I had to kill someone, so back off Jo Bro fans)

This was harder than my computer science final.

Why exactly did you ombré your hair? Would you do it again?

If you read this blog post, you will read all about the reasons I decided to ombré my hair. And yes, I would do it again. I’m a bit attached with it, especially with the fact that my messy buns are all blonde while the rest of my hair is not. But unless I come into a fortune soon, I probably won’t be re-dying it any time soon.

Why did you decide to talk about your anxiety?

My own anxiety has been heightening recently and I wanted to discuss it while it was still fresh with me. The best things are written in the heat of the moment. If you haven’t read my post about anxiety, you can read Let’s Talk Anxiety (And Not Get Anxious About It) and let me know what you think.

What is something that irritates you?

Constantly receiving the same comments when I’ve answered the question about a million times. It’s just wasting all of our times.

A while ago you said you were changing Teenage Enthusiasm. What did you mean by that?

This is a moment I’ve been slightly dreading, because it puts me on deadline.

As you well know, I will no longer be a teenager of next April. Which means the title of this blog is going to be changing. So, I am happy to announce, that as of August 13, 2014, Teenage Enthusiasm will be making the total change to a new name (currently top secret). Wow, prepare for change…

Stay classy, Internet,



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8 thoughts on “Marrying Troy Bolton (A Q&A)

  1. I personally like reading about all the more serious and unique topics you’ve written about lately, they’ve made me think quite a bit and I really like it when articles do that. Congrats on the almost-1000 followers! And I’m super excited to see the new blog title, though I might have a bit of an identity crisis for the first couple days after 😛

    1. Arya,

      Thanks for your comment! I’m happy you’ve been enjoying the more serious material like I have. And I hit 1,000 subscribers, how insane is that?! I’m horribly nervous to start the renovation and to see what you think of the new title. I know I’ll have trouble adjusting at first.

      Morgan xx

      1. Morgan-

        You’re welcome! It’s always a pleasure to read your blog.
        Eeek that’s amazing, congrats again!!
        Don’t be nervous, I have a feeling that I (along with your other readers) will love it 🙂

        – Arya

  2. bareMinerals
  3. bareMinerals
  4. It was a pleasure to nominate you, you’re great! Also, congrats on 1000 subscribers – I’ve just hit 100 this weeks, I’m a bit in awe of you!

    I’ve just read your post on anxiety, and wow, that’s pretty extraordinary how strong you are. I’ve never suffered from anxiety that much, but I have had/do have depression, so I guess some of it applies (eg the coping mechanism etc). Thank you for sharing it with us and entrusting us!

    – Hannah 🙂

    1. Hannah,

      Thanks! And super congrats on 100 subscribers, that’s awesome!

      Thank you for your kind words. I’ve struggled with several things this year (mild depression, anxiety, and homesickness) and I’m glad that my own experiences can inspire others to stay strong.

      Morgan xx

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