53.3, Time to Withdraw Yet?

A must read from my chummy who basically says it as it is. As someone who recently had to make a similar decision, I was really comforted by this post because withdrawing from classes is something that is actually a real problem that we now face. If you’re at university, please give it a read as it might come in handy when you face a low grade. Katy is always inspirational and motivational, so make sure to give her a follow and tell her Morgan sent you!


Hello my lovelies, I hope you are well. So lately I have been so busy with school and work that I am constantly in a haze.

Recently I found out that in one of my classes I had the horrid grade of 53.3 percent. Let’s just throw this out there that I have never received a  grade lower than a B in my life (and even those were few and far between) so this was a total SHOCKER! Because this is me I panicked, I emailed the instructor, who after three days accused me of lying about two assignments that I turned in that were missing after I had admitted to not taking one test and completely forgetting one other assignment. So I emailed her back and then sent another to my academic advisor.

Honestly going into that meeting and having the advisor tell me that I was better to…

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