18 Things I Learned at 18

We learn a lot in a year. So much goes on in 365 days, and as each 365 days pass a compilation of life lessons are taught.


18 never looked this good.

Tomorrow I turn 19 (best Friday ever, am I right?) and that means I’ve had roughly 365 days to learn some valuable life lessons. And this year was a doozy when it came to growing up. I graduated high school, moved out of the house, and started university. My whole life changed pretty drastically. But it was not for naught, as I now have a whole bunch of new life lessons that I can share with you! Last year I gave you 17 Things I Learned at 17 and a lot of you found it helpful for your own lives. I hope this year’s batch of fresh knowledge can be just as helpful.

Let’s get started on those life lessons, yeah?

18 Life Lessons From Your Local, Internet 18-Year-Old

1. Whatever scares you can make you stronger.

2. You are the cumulation of all the things you love.

3. Staying at home does not affect your “cool” factor.

4. Dating is not a rite of passage.

5. Your self-worth is all that matters.

6. Taking care of yourself is essential to happiness.

7. Love your body for what it is, not what you think it should be.

8. A good song can make all the difference.

9. At your lowest, true friends will be there to take care of you.

10. Your heritage can make all the difference in yourself.

11. Your mood is what you make of it.

12. Even if you really want to be friends with someone, it won’t always work out.

13. On that note, you cannot be friends with everyone.

14. You define your dress sense, it does not define you.

15. Give yourself a break from life. You deserve it sometimes.

16. Gain your power from your strengths. Don’t give people power from your weaknesses.

17. Your education will lead you to the bigger picture.

18. Question everything. Grow your curiosity. Let the cultures of the world into your mind and shape your opinions through them. Make educated opinions.


Can’t wait to learn a whole new list of lessons in the next 365 days. See you when I’m 19.

Stay classy, Internet,

















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5 thoughts on “18 Things I Learned at 18

  1. iDenslife says:

    Such a lovely feeling to find this list of ’18 things I learned at 18′. I wrote something along the same lines today and it’s just lovely to see other people with similar ideas. This was awesome to read! 🙂


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  4. The information provide by you is very useful for me.thanks for sharing and hope you will share again.


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