Guess Who's Back, Back Again, Happy's Back, Tell a Friend

I think just by glancing at the title of this post you can get a pretty good idea of what I am writing about. But in case you’re thicker than a thick thing, I’ll tell you.

I found my Happy!

After weeks of feeling absolutely lost within myself, I have returned to normal, happy-go-lucky, always up for adventure, gets enthusiastic over the little things Morgan. Yes, it’s Finals Week so I only want to stay in bed for seven days, but Happy is back!

What I wanted to talk about today was something I noticed a lot of while I was “in the dumps.” The last few weeks were not accomplished by people saying, “Just feel happy. It’s not that hard.” Actually, when people said that all of my progress was reversed. The only way to truly overcome what I went though was self-reflection. One day I got lost in Eugene for two hours just walking and afterwards I had never felt so good about life. Actually, to avoid studying on Sunday I tried to convince myself to do it again. None of the progress I made would have been possible without the time to myself to figure things out. It was truly a solo project, and as much as I appreciate the tremendous efforts family and friends went to to try to bring it back, only I could bring my Happy back.

What I noticed a lot of was depression pictures. I spend a lot of time on Tumblr (I really enjoy GIFs, okay?) and a large part of Tumblr is people revealing their true selves. Their depression, their anger, their happiness, and any of other emotion that they feel. We’re hidden behind a screen where we can be whoever we want, and we say things we don’t always tell people face-to-face. And that’s because when we tell people people think it’s something you can just turn off. It’s not as if we we have a switch that we just flick on or off at our leisure. It’s an actual problem we have and we have to fight to turn it off.

I wish people were more aware of this. Part of what alienates people from each other is not understanding how other’s feel. No one in their right mind wants to feel lie they have nothing else to give the world. And that is how you feel. Your creative and emotional motivation is gone. And with a bit more sympathy towards the situation, more people would be able to work towards their search for their Happy.

Finding my Happy was not an easy process. As I said before, lots of self-reflection and support was the medicine towards getting my groove back so I can enjoy the things I love. Being without motivation is horrible and terrifying and you don’t know what to do with it. Now that I have it back I am going to try my absolute hardest to keep it. I realize that it is what keeps me being able to be an enthusiast. And as being an enthusiast is part of my personality, to miss it is to have a big gaping hole in my body.

With all of this said, please try to support those around you who may have lost their Happy. Don’t tell them to just be happy and stop being sad. It doesn’t work that way. Use the human compassion we are born with and try to help those around you find their motivation again.

Thank you.



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3 thoughts on “Guess Who's Back, Back Again, Happy's Back, Tell a Friend

  1. Go Morgan! I’m Sooo Happy For You!
    Let me tell you.
    I once needed to find my Happy.
    Boy, was it hard. This was only
    2 years from July 8th 2014, My
    Birthday. It was also the day
    That My Mother Wanted To be her
    Bridesmaid but, she was marrying
    The Man that abused me.
    I said Yes. (After 20 minutes of
    questions.) It was the hardest thing
    to do when on December 21, 2012
    She got married while I was still in
    Oregon and she was in Las Vegas
    Morgan, the point of this story is:
    I Had Hope For You!
    Every Day I was Waiting For This
    Post! I was Praying For you To find
    your Happy, your you!

    1. Memorie,

      Thank you so much for your message and for sharing your story with me. It means so much to me and I wish there was a way to thank you in person for your support. You have been such a lovely follower.

      Lots of love,
      Morgan xx

      1. Thankyou and Your welcome.
        I wish there was a way too.
        You are a lovely person.
        You have helped me. I will Always
        be here for you as Both an
        enthusiast and a friend.
        Always show your true self!
        Lots of Love,
        (and Thanks!)

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