Things to do When You Are Sick

If you follow me on social media, you will be aware that Monday morning I woke up with a terrible sickness. You will also know that I am a huge baby when it comes to illnesses.

In the three days I have been ill, I have found ways to occupy myself from the poorly heads, the runny noses, and the nausea. So I have compiled this list of ways. Enjoy!

The Poorly List of What to do When You Are Feeling Poorly

  • Watch every single film that has no plot. Therefore you can miss whole scenes of films and will not be confused. And if you have sneezing fits, it’s not like you missed anything anyway.
  • Count your goldfish. When your head is pounding and the idea of sitting up is painful, take to counting the goldfish in your carton as you eat them all up for nourishment. Fun fact, mine had 179.
  • Write song parodies. If you are not familiar with it, my best is “I Knew You Were a Pathogen” from when I had the flu earlier this year. I’m expecting my Grammy any day now.
  • Practice sniffling in unison with your roommate who is also sick.
  • Write formal complaints to your campus cafeteria because they don’t sell ginger ale and it is all you drink when you are ill.
  • Tell all your friends so they can send you nice text messages.
  • Act out the reindeer song from “Frozen” with your healthy and sick voices.
  • Take the time to go through every single setting on your Mac so it is a completely new and customized experience.
  • Wear anything you want, because if someone calls you out on it, you have the excuse of, “I’m very sick.”
  • Watch bloody murder shows like “Dexter” so that if you vomit you won’t know if it is from the nausea or from the show.


Thank you for reading! I hope you are all staying healthy and are doing well in the new year! I’m sorry for the just insanity the blog has taken on as I have been sick and am doing classes again and am starting a new job. So please bear with me while I gather my wits and we will be back to our regularly scheduled program soon!

Stay classy, Internet,


2 thoughts on “Things to do When You Are Sick

  1. Hi Dear: don’t know why the machine makes me start here in the middle of the page and then continues to push itself back to the beginning of the line, but suppose it’s some setting I don’t know about. Anyway, am very, very sorry you’re sick—it’s so miserable when you have things to do. Sounds like you have the flu so hope they have a nurse or doctor’s office that you can visit. if it’s a cold not too much you can do except lots of fluids and chicken soup. If it’s the flu, I believe there’s some medication. Our health center and dining room there has been closed for two weeks and we’re not even to go through it to the manor. They’re very cautious which is a good thing so take care. I loved the blog—it made me laugh out loud while at the same time feeling sorry for you. Much Love and the lemon cough drops are the best for your throat, in case you didn’t know.

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      The line thing basically just means you can read the whole post, but it starts off from where you began. There isn’t a way to fix it unfortunately.
      I am feeling all better now and thank you for the concern!

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