A Letter to the Weather

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Dear Snow,

You’ve only been on the ground for less than a day, but I have already taken a strong dislike to you.

Please don’ take this personally. I do not mean to offend you. It’s just that you kind of messed up my plans for today. I was going to go to the law library and work on my things there. It’s so nice and quiet and warm. Instead, I have to sit in my dorm room with the broken window seal and a not-so-quiet courtyard. It’s made me a little cranky.

You see, I have finals on Monday and I really want to study. And by want I mean, I REALLY HAVE TO MY GRADE DEPENDS ON IT study. Not that I’m not getting good grades, but I’d like to get a high grade on my finals. It’d be a nice way to round out the last ten weeks of hard work and torture.

Just kidding, school isn’t torture!

It’s like the pits of Hell.

So Snow, I hope you understand why I am not very pleased with you right now. It has nothing to do with your appearance. I even knew you were coming according to my weather app. But yet, I am irritated that you have come. Another part of Mother Nature that comes once a month and bugs me. You catching my drift?

However, I guess I cannot be too angry since you cancelled my class, or that you provided me an opportunity to lie in bed all day watching Mirror Mirror. In fact, I could thank you for doing that. I needed a day in bed.

Plus, I did finish most of my essay, so that’s a bonus too.

But, I am still angry.

I shall go to bed soon (after I watch my annual showing of Love Actually) and pray to the weather gods that you will disappear. Please heed my warning when I say that if you continue snowing before I leave for home on Thursday, I will not hesitate to come up to the clouds and beat you to a glass of water.

Sleep well, Snow,







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2 thoughts on “A Letter to the Weather

  1. hi Morgan!
    Congrats on coming home…
    sorry you are angry with the snow.
    It snowed here in Salem(Oregon)
    too. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

    1. Memorie!

      Hello! I actually go home on Thursday, I’m at school right now. The snow has been nicer today, only I did fall in it. Stay safe in the snow!

      Happy holidays!
      Morgan xx

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