Be Cranky, We've Always Needed an Eighth Dwarf

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We all have those days. You can write me a five page, single-spaced essay about how you do not, but I know you are lying. You can be the most chirpy person on the planet, but, as physics states, all that comes up, must go down.

It’s dead week here on campus. For those who aren’t savvy in uni speak, that means that it is the week before finals. It is a week of finishing projects, learning that last little bit of information, and studying our bums off until we are faced with our exams. It can all be summed up in one word.


I’m in the process of editing my final essay for my writing class, studying for film final, studying for my media final, and other lost ends for my other classes. This all puts a lot of pressure on myself to perform well and it leads to one thing. Being cranky.

On a scale of 1 to 10, my personality is 0 right now.

But the thing is, it is completely fine to be cranky sometimes. Not all the time, but if it occasionally slips out, it’s nothing to apologize for. We are imperfect human beings with a lot on our plates. Being a little short and unsociable is completely understandable.

The only person I’ve had a conversation with today is my roommate (for the obvious fact I live with her) and I feel no need to scold myself and say, “Morgan, you need to get your bum down to the lounge and chat with people. They are going to think you’re unfriendly.” In all honesty, I think if I did go down to the lounge, they would think I was unfriendly with the surly look that is implanted on my face. I’m much better off in my dorm room with my laptop and Neuro drinks (apparently they relieve stress? I’m giving it a go.)

Allow yourself to be cranky, to be unsociable, to want to lurk around in your room in sweats and watch hours of Frasier. You don’t even need my permission. Take control of your own life and feel how you want to feel. It’s a great time to be alive, so live cranky!

To life yourself out of being cranky though, because it truly is a terrible mood and all, here are some tricks!

  • Skype a friend or family member who always makes you smile

  • Listen to Christmas music (because it’s holly jolly and all that jazz)

  • Write a list of your stresses and rip it up

  • Take a nap, watch Singing in the Rain and wear warm socks

Hopefully these will perk you all up!

Stay classy, Internet,










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