TE's Holiday Instagram Challenge 2013

It’s back!

Tomorrow marks the first day of Teenage Enthusiasm’s Best Holiday Season Ever and there is going to be so much going on! Today I am releasing the list for the Holiday Instagram Challenge, tomorrow is the rules of my giveaway, and don’t forget the weekly YouNow broadcasts!

If you are only just getting caught in the Enthusiasm, you won’t know what the Teenage Enthusiasm Holiday Instagram Challenge is. Basically, it is one of those hashtag things on Instagram where you post a specific thing on Instagram for a certain number of days. Mine is completely holiday/Christmas oriented. If you want to see how last year went, reference this post.

This year I’ve gone a bit longer, all 31 days of December, and I will be working my hardest to get it done, even though I have finals. That is the level of importance you all hold to me. Note: Please read bottom of page for more information on the monthly activities.

Teenage Enthusiasm’s Holiday Instagram Challenge 2013 Rules

  1. Tag the picture you use with the tag #TEHIC2013 otherwise we can’t all see the pictures. I do look at the entries
  2. On “Choose Your Own” days, please choose something either holiday-related or appropriate. Nothing inappropriate. Pictures will be reported.
  3. Tell all your friends and get involved!

The Days for Teenage Enthusiasm’s Holiday Instagram Challenge

  • Day 1: Red Starbucks cup
  • Day 2: Christmas music
  • Day 3: Festive scarf
  • Day 4: Christmas countdown
  • Day 5: Snow
  • Day 6: Christmas movie
  • Day 7: Holiday cheer
  • Day 8: Christmas sweater
  • Day 9: Choose your own!
  • Day 10: Holiday decoration
  • Day 11: Family
  • Day 12: Santa
  • Day 13: Nutcracker
  • Day 14: Playing outside
  • Day 15: Christmas lights
  • Day 16: Room decorations
  • Day 17: Friends
  • Day 18: Festive store decorations
  • Day 19: Sweets
  • Day 20: Christmas tree
  • Day 21: Choose your own!
  • Day 22: Christmas drink
  • Day 23: Favorite ornament
  • Day 24: A gift you bought for someone else
  • Day 25: Christmas morning
  • Day 26: Favorite gift(s)
  • Day 27: Playing with presents
  • Day 28: After Christmas sales
  • Day 29: Choose your own!
  • Day 30: Resolutions
  • Day 31: New Years’ Eve

Please participate in the challenge! I will be, so if you want to see what I’m doing, you can check my instagram (@Morganmckay) and you can always check the tag #TEHIC2013! I look forward to seeing all that you guys put up!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for all the giveaway details, on the 13th for the first YouNow with my best friend where we will be doing lots of Christmas trivia and challenges (I’m not doing one this week because of finals), and lots of other fantastic content like usual!

Have a great December, Enthusiasts!

Stay classy, Internet,

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P.S. You can always submit questions to me in the comments, Twitter (@teenenthusiasm), or by email (teenenthusiasm@gmail.com) for recommendations for blog posts, for things to discuss in YouNows, or anything else you could want. I’m always checking my social media.







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