How to Tell if a Boy Likes You (And Other Real Boy Advice)

If you’ve been reading this blog you will have noticed that I somehow started a series called “How to…Boy” where I give advice on how to get a boy to like you, how to tell a boy you like him, and now how to tell if a boy likes you!

In my previous blog posts I am always receiving comments from girls asking me about their own love experiences and one I get a lot is “He looks at me in class and he’s really nice, but I don’t know if he likes me.”
So I’ve gone into uncharted waters and gone around to some of the guys in my dorm and asked them what they do when they like a girl (plus some other questions that I thought us girls would like to know). That’s right, we have firsthand knowledge of how to tell if a boy likes you or not.

So let’s read some of their responses, yeah?

How do you show a girl you’re into her?

  • We act super nice and friendly
  • Spend lots of time with her – go out of my way to hang out with her

If she’s nervous and asks to go on a group date, how does she make it obvious it really is a date?

  • It’s all about communication
  • Don’t say “We’re all going out, do you want to go?”
  • Say “We’re going as a group but I’d like you to be my date.”

How do you know if it is the right time to make a move?

  • Always find out if they like you before moving in

What is the best way to approach a guy?

  • Just come up and talk to us
  • Approaching us first is preferred as it is less nerve-wracking
  • Ask a question that is related (i.e. talk about a mutual class, etc.)

Which is better for a  girl to be: Loud & attention-getting or Quiet & shy

  • Prefer a girl to be herself
  • No extremes, just does everything naturally
  • Quieter can be better as loud can be a bit obnoxious

What do you do if you like a girl and you know she likes you?

  • “You make physical contact and take a risk!” – Liam (he asked to be quoted)

There you have it. I asked real boys your questions and this is what I got! Hopefully this has answered your questions and you can take your risks!
This will be the last part of the “How to…Boy” series, but make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 here!
A big thank you to all the boys who helped me out! I honestly couldn’t have done this post without your help and your honest answers.

Also, if you could check out It is one of the boys in my dorm’s blog (he is super talented and you should definitely check him out) and we’d love for him to get noticed. Because us Henderson people promote each other.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend and next week we’ll discuss something else interesting and enthusiastic.

Stay classy Internet,

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P.S. The songs for this post are: “Mouthwash” by Kate Nash, “Wherever You Are” by 5 Seconds of Summer, “Elenore” by The Turtles, “My Moon My Man” by Feist, and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” by The Rolling Stones.

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100 thoughts on “How to Tell if a Boy Likes You (And Other Real Boy Advice)

  1. bareMinerals
  2. thanks for All your tips xxx but can u make a blog about this:
    so im in year 7 and i fancy my best friends brother in year 9 she knows that i fancy him but i think he fancys me back.
    how can i find out ???
    and if he dosnt, how can i get closer to him so he dose????!!

      1. Charlotte,

        Talk to her before you make any move. If she’s uncomfortable with it and you value your friendship, don’t make a move.

        Hope I’ve helped!
        -Morgan xx

  3. bareMinerals
  4. bareMinerals
  5. The guy I like is dating my best friend and before they started dating he knew I liked him because my other friend told him. What should I do?

    1. Megan,

      Nothing! Do not get involved with someone else’s relationship, especially your best friend’s. That can ruin your friendship and make everything erupt in flames. The best thing to do is to be happy for your friend and to try to get over your crush.

      Morgan xx

  6. bareMinerals
  7. I am in 7th grade and ive liked this boy for a while now. He’s hard to figure out but I know him well enough to think he likes me. We tell eachother everything and know everythingbabout one anothet. He plays it off like he likes another girl, but iit seems fake. He tried to tell me something “imprtant” about the upcoming band trip, but the bell rang. I’ve read all your articles but don’t really work for what wil hopefully be “us”. I want to make the first move. What should I do?

    1. Kiara,

      If you want to make the first move you simply just have to get him alone and say how you feel. Simple as that really. There isn’t any special trick.

      Morgan xx

  8. bareMinerals
  9. It’s hard to find him alone though, we always work to the bell. I can try and update you on how it wotks out i guess. Thanks for the advice though!

    1. Kiara,

      If you work at it, you’ll eventually get him alone. You might even have to set up a time with him.

      Good luck!

      Morgan xx

  10. bareMinerals
  11. Hi Morgan! I’ve been going to this new school for about 5 months and I’ve developed a liking for someone! In class, I’m super shy… he sits catty corner from me in science and social studies (he chose the spot when I was at the table!). Sometimes I mess up in class i.e drop something, or knock something over and he says, “Oh, that’s alright Jessica.” Or if I accomplish something, “Good Job Jess.” . Sometimes I catch him looking at me, and we talk every now and then, byt I’m just not sure if he likes me or what. I definitely will NOT ask him. My friends keep wanting to ask him “undercover” if he likes me, but it would be obvious. A girl that is one of his friends came up to me randomly and asked me if I liked him. Why would she ask that? Do you think he asked her to ask me?

    1. Jessica,

      It sounds like he likes you. And as adamantly opposed as you are to asking if he likes you, I suggest asking him to hang out. Don’t ask about feelings, don’t go “undercover,” simply ask if he wants to go bowling with you, or take a walk to a point of interest where you live, or something that is a one-on-one situation where you two can hang out. From there, the feelings might just show up without anyone having to say anything.

      Morgan xx

  12. bareMinerals
  13. Okay Morgan, I’m calling in for help. Mine’s a long story, but I’ll do my best to condense it.
    So we’re both 17 now.
    Last year: I liked a boy, he liked me back. We went on a holiday to a friend’s farm with all our other friends, we got pretty close (him and this other guy were fighting over who got to take me on the quadbike) I was a bit oblivious and didn’t get the memo (don’t ask me how). About three weeks later, a friend of mine said “Hey, I really like Mitch, and he really likes me. I think it’s going to happen soon.” so I sucked in my pride and told Mitch that I only liked him as a friend (I AM DUMB) Mitch’s face looked pretty upset when I told him. Added bonus: He never liked my friend. She thought he did, but they never spoke about it. (uuuuggggghhh)
    That was around September/October last year.
    We became closer about a month ago, he knows I like him. He said to one of my friends that “I really like being around her and that she can take a joke.” He’s having a party this weekend, and I really just want to see if he likes me or not. He’s a bit of a serial flirter, so I was just intending on asking him flat out. But how do I do that in the best way possible? Or do you think that I should just move on right away…
    I love his personality and I’ll be able to move on quickly after I’m 100% sure he doesn’t like me, I just need the clarification, you get me?!

    1. Leila,

      Okay, I am all caught up on the long story and ready to give advice!!

      So, I think you should tell him you like him. Don’t ask if he likes you. Tell him that you like him and see how he responds. If he says he doesn’t like you, his loss. But getting it out in the open is smart. If you ask if he likes you he will most likely say no because he will feel cornered.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  14. bareMinerals
  15. bareMinerals
  16. why does a goodie two shoes boy whisper to his friends looking at me and tell them something me related? i just feel like he likes me… i need some love advice.

    1. Nikiri,

      He probably likes you, but is too nervous to say anything. I suggest making the initiative and say hi to him. It will give him the confidence to say something to you.

      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

  17. bareMinerals
  18. Morgan,
    My story is really complicated, so sorry if you think so too.
    Ok, so:
    Right now I am visiting my 2 cousins in their town about an hour and a half away from where I live. Well, after a few days, I met my cousin’s friends, two twin boys. They’re my age, so that was great, I thought. They’re both cool and all, but I really like one of them. Now, you see, the one twin that I like is completely different from his brother. He walks like an older guy, he talks like an older guy, and he is sooo cute. But anyway, I really like him and stuff. But the problem is that I really like him, A LOT. Like today, I didn’t have a ride home from school because my cousin had to stay for some band thing, and I did NOT want to stay at school for 2 extra hours. The guy I like was standing next to the teacher I was talking to about it (he was standing next to her because the teacher and him sell candy and stuff to kids for a fundraiser) and he looked at me (and smiled, of course) and so then he said, “well maybe you could ride home with me and my brother, our mom will drop you and your cousin off, if you want.” And the teacher said “well, I think that’s a good idea, if you both want to call your moms and work something out”. I didn’t show it, but I was so excited!!!!! So then he called his mom and I called my aunt and they said yes! So we rode in the car and it was awesome, so I was so glad that it happened… But I’m leaving in a few weeks and I’m going to die if I can’t see him for very long when I go back home… JUST PLEASE HELP ME!

    1. Anonymous,

      I believe you should tell him how you feel. Since you are on a timeline, telling him how you feel is the only way to make anything happen.

      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

  19. bareMinerals
  20. I like this boy who was crushing on my friend, but then stopped. Should I tell him at the end of school, since we’re moving to different schools. He’s my only friend and really special, even before I was crushing. I don’t want to lose his friendship. What should I do?

    1. Anonymous,

      Tell him before you move. Otherwise it’ll be awkward and hard. It’s better to do it sooner than later.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  21. bareMinerals
  22. Hey Morgan! So this boy was new to my school in 7th grade. He liked me and constantly texted me, however I didn’t like him back. I never really talked to this boy after he texted me until 9th grade. We texted nonstop everyday. He wanted to start walking in the hallways together however i wasn’t sure about my feelings for him, i didn’t feel like i was ready for a relationship as a freshman in high school and i didn’t want people to take our friendship the wrong way. After about 3 months of texting, i realized i was starting to develop a crush on him and he was definitely crushing on me. He is a friend of my older brothers so he has been at my house multiple times. However, every time he came over and i saw him, there was this awkwardness between us and i struggled to make eye contact with him because i felt he was purposely looking away. Towards the end of the school year, our texting (and snapchatting) was dying down. We had gym class together but only talked about twice in person. He texted me saying he wanted to stop the texting and just talking in person. I am a pretty awkward person who doesn’t have many guy friends so I didn’t really know “how” to talk to a guy (especially one that i liked). We knew so much about each other from our several months of texting that it should have been so easy to talk to him (also he is a pretty outgoing person). Now I am almost finished my sophomore of high school, and him and I have only sent a total of about 5 texts. Also, he seems like a pretty flirtatious guy because I see him easily talking to girls. The bad thing is, i think about him all day everyday ever since we stopped texting. I tried to crush on another guy but the original boy’s name was always in the back of my head. I am always thinking of the relationship we could have had and how it was my fault that we didn’t date or talk in person. Whenever we see eachother in the hallway my heart beats so fast and there is this awkwardness between us. (Sometimes i feel like he purposely looks away). I ven texted him happy birthday and congratulated him on his great performance in the school musical but he DIDNT RESPOND 🙁 I am really hoping he still has feelings for me because i have this feeling that our relationship could really work out. How do I find out if this guy (that i almost dated) still likes me and is available? Also, how would i get him to notice how i feel without it being awkward?
    P.S: we are in the same gym class again, he lives down the street from me AND he is on my bus
    P.S.S sorry this was so long but I needed to explain the full story for you to understand my status with this guy

    1. Anonymous!

      Hiya! So I think what you need to do is talk to him in person. I know it’s intimidating, but it will really help. When you see him in gym class or on the bus, just say, “Hey can we hang out soon?” and go from there. He probably thinks you don’t like him that way because you didn’t want to talk in person.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  23. bareMinerals
  24. I like this guy in my class and I’ve had a crush on him for 2 years (sence he came to my school )(since 5th grade) and he is the sport type and i’m the art type
    im shy and he’s…we’re prity much oposits and I was wondering if you could make a blog about how to give ‘hints’ to show a guy you like him?

  25. bareMinerals
  26. bareMinerals
  27. Hey Morgan!
    Okay so my story is a little weird.. but I hope you can help.
    So theres this guy and he goes to my youth group; he doesnt go to my school. I like him, like a lot, but he has had a girlfriend for like a year. Well, I dont think they even talk because we went on a five day mission trip together and I had his phone constantly (I was bored and I dont have my own phone) and he didnt text or call her or anything the whole time. I dont think they will last much longer. But anyway, my guy friend said he liked me for like a day but he got over it because he has a girlfriend and stuff. He texts me and all that. He has hugged me twice. I dont know of he likes me again, I hope he does. But what should I do?

    1. Elizabeth,

      Like all my advice for girls who like guys with girlfriends ABORT MISSION!
      Wait it out until they break up. Don’t do anything. Let things take their natural course. This is the only advice I can give.

      Morgan xx

  28. bareMinerals
  29. I’v liked this a guy a while now and he likes me back. he’s left for another school and e barely see each other. He thinks we should break up .What should I do?

    1. Sara,

      If he thinks you should break up, talk to him and ask him why. Have a conversation. Communication is key to figuring this out. Do what feels best for you.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  30. bareMinerals
  31. I’ve just started at a new school about a week ago and I know most of the boys like me but there is this one boy that I really like and I’ve caught him staring at me in class but it’s the last week of school and I don’t know what to do

    1. Anonymous,

      Talk to him!!! Seriously, start a friendship while you’re still in school and that way it can lead into the summer. Just ask him about his summer plans and watch a friendship bloom. Remember, a friendship is the basis of a relationship.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  32. bareMinerals
  33. Hi, there’s this guy in my grade and we’ve recently moved to a newer campus ( from year five to sixth ) and he’s been in my grade several times, like we used to be the kinda-friends-who-aren’t-friends kind of friends (if that made sense ) (like the kind of friends who get invited to each other’s birthday parties and stuff but don’t really hang out much ) and like someone was making fun of me and he started yelling at them and he goes out of his way trying to hang out with me and me friends. He also sits next to me during our grades free period even though all his friends are sitting wayy farther up the rows and my cousin is best friends with him and he makes the creepy ass caterpillar eyebrows every time both if us are in the same room and stuff. I don’t really know if he likes me but I like him

    1. Iona,

      I think he might like you. I would suggest initiating a conversation to where you two hang out by yourselves.

      Hope I’ve helped!

      Morgan xx

  34. bareMinerals
  35. I like one if my BFFs brother. I’ve told her and she just loves the idea of me liking him. He is a year older and I’ve liked him for about a year (which is crazy for me because I only crush on people for about a month then I get over them) in the beginning of the year I started to not like him so I didn’t care what he thought. When my friend (his sister) and our other friend saw him in the halls I would call him best friend and say hi, and my other friend would just call his name. When he came home after a couple of days of me doing that he told his sister (my friend) that he says hi back to me. And after a while my friend told me how he would say to her “I talk to best friend today!) which he was implying to me. One time he walked into my band class and when he was leaving I yelled “bye best friend” and he yelled bye back. And one time I was at a swim meet and I got a text from my friend but it was from him and he called me best friend and wished me good luck. And it was really silly and some part of it was in all caps. Then it died down. And then this summer we were in the parade together. We were playing on the marching band. When I was in a group talking to his sister and our other friend I would catch him watching us. Either me or just looking out way. When ever we talked he always started the convos which is funny because I’m super outgoing and he is very shy. And he always caught me at my worse and he never looks grossed out he would either smile or just look at me. And he also laughed at my jokes. While we were waiting to go on to the parade I was trying to flick a cap but couldn’t get it, so he came over to me and was close to me and showed me how. However he didn’t touch me. And it seems like when ever I smile he smiles too. And I don’t know if this helps but his friend would always some over and talk to us and he would just follow and talk to his sister and I don’t know if he came over just to be near me or not. Any ways ater our last parade he told me I did a good job and that was it. Sorry that this is so long I just don’t know if he likes me and he is very shy.
    P.s he seems to be pretty comfortable talking to me and I don’t know if that means he likes me. And we always just stare into each other’s eye when we talk and we just hold the stare.

    1. Cheyenne,

      I’m pretty sure he likes you. Of course, he could just be being very friendly, but I’m guessing that he likes you. I would try to talk to him and maybe reveal your feelings. He’ll feel more comfortable accepting and saying his feelings too.

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  36. bareMinerals
  37. bareMinerals
  38. I love you advice and I’m going to follow it and tell the guy I like that I like him because I’m pretty sure that he likes me too.

  39. bareMinerals
  40. Hello! So I am in 7th grade and I’m new at my school. There is this one boy that I really like. He is always so nice to me and has this cute nickname for me. He once told me “You are new and you’re already my best friend” and once in P.e. He just ran to me and hugged me. But there is this other new girl that he sits next to all the time and stuff. I feel like he does like me but I’m not sure. Also my friend has the same math class as him so she just said my name and he automatically answered saying “Oh she is amazing. I love her, she is my homie,” and he always hugs me so I hope you caught all of that. Please tell me what you think. I am a bit shy but a lot of people say my smile is my best feature and I smile a lot. Please tell me what you think.

    1. Linda,

      Hi! I think he likes you, he definitely shows all the signs. I would definitely say something to him as I think it would turn out good!

      Morgan xx

  41. bareMinerals
  42. Morgan i need your help i have DOUBLE CRUSH!!! Anyway i really likED this boy and were in different classes now and hes been hanging out with this other girl i hate her! Then another boy came along and EVERYONE I MEAN EVERYONE has been saying to me he likes you he likes you!(not saying anynames) anyway then HIS SISTER stopped me in the hallway and said “my brother likes you” and i was like who is your brother and she was like “(name) and i was like WHAT?!?! I littleraly shouted in the hallway im so confused. (First boy i liked)Hes nice and kinda funny. (New boy ihave a slight crush on) Hes really shy ahd quite but he ALWAYS stares and he is super funny! Which one?!!?!!? Who!?!?!? Help me please!

  43. bareMinerals
  44. Hi Morgan.
    Ok so there’s this guy I really like. I’ve known him since I was a baby, and we used to be really close. Then around fourth grade, when I started liking him, he stopped talking. I got really shy, and couldn’t talk to him. But the funny part is, I’m good friends with his dad and his twin sisters. I talk to them all the time. But not him. I always feel like I’m going to melt into a puddle. Once, I got too distracted and I tripped over a pin one…it was completely flat and pressed into the gravel road.
    But here’s the catch. I only see him a few times a year. We go camping together and his and my grandparents camper (where I usually stay) are right next to each other. So he often travels I between our sites and the neighbors. I do too, though I never walk into his without someone else. I just can’t seem to talk to him, but when we have a potluck between our three sites, I glance at him a lot. When I do, I see him looking at me too. Sometimes he joins me if if filling up water balloons to have a fight, or playing cards. Sometimes he asks questions. But he goes to a different school than I do, he lives about 17 miles away from me.
    What does it mean? Does he like me more than a friend? How do I tell him I like him? How would I be able to keep in contact with email or phone? How can I be “braver”?


    P.s. This is just the gist of the whole thing. There’s so much more involved. But this was the simplest.

    1. Morgan (nice name 😉 ),

      Thanks for your comment. I can’t really tell if he likes you (but chances are if he doesn’t completely ignore you he does) and you should go for it. Find the confidence within yourself to start talking to him. He might not go to your school, but 17 miles is not that far. Talk to him over email or on the phone. Ask him for his IM. Know that he is your equal and you can definitely talk to him first. You’ve got this!

      Hope I’ve helped!
      Morgan xx

  45. bareMinerals
  46. bareMinerals
  47. bareMinerals
  48. Hi Morgan!

    I just wanted to say that people say that girls are complicated. But personally I feel boys are WAY more complicated!

    1. Ad kind of likes An,

      I think people are complicated on very different levels. No gender is more complicated than the other.

      Morgan xx

  49. bareMinerals
  50. bareMinerals
  51. So I’m completely infatuated with this guy… he’s older than me by three years… what I’m worried about is that if I ask him to hang around/tell him I like him, he’ll think it’s weird because he’s older than me. What do I do?

  52. bareMinerals
  53. Hey Morgan!
    Okay so I am 14 and I have known this guy legit since I was born. Our families have always gone to the same church so we have grown up together. I have liked him since I was 6. He knew that I used to like him, but he doesn’t know that I still do. I have strong feelings for him and feel like now is the right time to do something about it. My problem {besides me being a total potato} is that I’m pretty sure he thinks of me as his little sister (he’s 6 months older). Is there any way to get out of the sisters-zone? I mean, that’s like worse than friend zone! Please help me out here… I really need the help.
    Thank You!😊

    1. Hi Anon!

      The best way to get out of the sister-zone is to tell him. Remind him that you aren’t a little kid by asking him out to the movies or something – something that a little sister wouldn’t do.

      Hope I’ve helped!

  54. bareMinerals
  55. bareMinerals
  56. Idk if this guy likes me, on the Fourth of July he asked me to go an egg toss wth him and he got disappointed when he couldn’t find me to do the three legged race and I really like him but he says he doesn’t want to date cause it’s too much drama 😕

    1. Zcat14,

      Some people don’t like dating, and considering how stressful it can be, can you blame them? If you really like him I suggest having a talk with him telling him how you feel and see if you guys can figure out something that works for both of you.

      Morgan xx

      1. I’m too shy and he likes this other girl and he dated her but she broke up with him so he definetly won’t date now ;(

          1. Zcat14,

            If he isn’t interested in dating, you have to respect that. I understand that you like him, but you have to respect that he has feelings too. I stand by my original advice and say talking to him is your best idea, but if you don’t want to do that then I suggest finding another great guy to go after.

            Morgan xx

          2. There’s this guy an we hang out all the time but he’s like a brother to me and I might like him and idk what to do about it. Help 😕

  57. bareMinerals
  58. Morgan,
    So there is this guy ( he is a grade lower than me) I really like and we just went to a movie together in a group and I sat by him… Nothing really happened and I honestly have no idea if he likes me or not. I’m a little nervous to make a move or tell him how I feel… We also go to different schools! Help!!

    1. Anonymous,

      I’d go to the movies with him again! Go in a group setting again, but try talking to him more and sitting by him. See where that leads.

      Morgan xx

  59. bareMinerals
  60. Hey Morgan,
    In my seventh grade there was this guy who asked me if i have a boyfriend or not… and i lied to him saying that i have one whom i love..during our online conversation he said he likes my body..and wants me. Today we both are in our 10th grade and i think he forgot what he had said 2 years ago
    idk how i developed feelings for him…I confronted him like 4 months ago and he said that he is already dating someone else…Since then i was heartbroken but we have always been frnds (acqaintances).. but last month my friend Kiara said that he broke up suddenly and now he is not dating anyone. im still intersted in him and have feelings for him.. should i confront him again or wait until he confronts me…. i think he wont confront me and im confused what should i do? should i give him some time?? what do u think? is he interested in me?? plz advice me ASAP!!
    i have been saying hi to him that he knows im his friend and that he can tell me anything.. it should have been easy for him to confront me (if he wanted to).. i dont have any idea when he broke up with his gf… but i think it must have happened in july.
    hope this information helps u advice me…

    1. rihhana,

      I think your best bet is to talk to him. Keep it friendly at first (give him time to heal) and then see if he makes a move after a couple weeks/months. If he doesn’t, approach the idea of you two going out carefully and see where it goes from there. All good relationships branch from friendships, so try to build a friendship first.

      Morgan xx

  61. bareMinerals
  62. This all was helpful. I was wondering if you could help me. 

    There’s this guy, who I have a very weirdish relationship.We are all the same classes and sit mostly near each other. I kinda like him and think he likes me. We both are really competitive with each other and are new to our high school. I am a very sarcastic kind of person. Maybe that’s why I kind of seem unapproachable or something. 

    I had a argument with him and he got really upset and wouldn’t even listen to me. I tried to apologise but he wouldn’t have it. The next day, he was fine and we were okay. He’s  not been coming to school for 2 weeks and I really miss him. 

    My friend has a crush on him too…..I don’t know what to do. His friend’s  think that he likes her too and I saw him blush when they were teasing him. He’ll  come to school on Monday….should I tell him? 

    I don’t want to ruin my friendship with both of them! Help me please

    1. Anonymous,

      Talk to your friend. See what she thinks of the situation and come up with a solution together. Just know, friendship is stronger than relationships, so make sure not to let him get between you and your friend.

      Morgan xx

      1. Morgan,
        Thanks. My friend is fine with this….turns out she never really likedhim. New problem!!! He’s leaving the country. Should I tell him what I feel?

        1. Anonymous,

          If he’s leaving the country for good, you have two options.
          1) You tell him how you feel but know that only long distance is possible (and long distance is hard)
          2) keep your feelings to yourself and move forward with life.

          Morgan xx

          1. Moving forward is not easy. I was going to tell him but he left school without even saying goodbye to me. I miss him so much…what can I do to forget him?

          2. Anonymous,

            It is not easy. And that’s what makes it hard. If you want to move on, I suggest writing down all your feelings and then cleansing yourself by having a “me” day. Acknowledging your feelings can help you move forward, and having some “me” time will also help.

            Morgan xx

          3. Um, he’s back, I got over him and he came back. And now we’re back to our weird normal. We’ve fought a couple hundred times since come back and had some amazing moments too. Now I’m just plain confused.

          4. Anonymous,

            Talk to him one on one in private and tell him how you feel. It’ll stop the confusion and you two can get on the same page.

            Hope I’ve helped!
            Morgan xx

  63. bareMinerals
  64. Hi, my name is karla.
    9 months ago i met a guy in a party because of my best friend. That day was my birthday so my best friend told to him and he inmediately told me happy birthday and then he kissed me in the cheeks. Anyway i noticed him very nervious when i met him. He had his sight down and i felt he was really nervous. Anyway the rest of the party i didn’t talk to him because i am so shy but i realized that some momemts he was staring at me and wanted to catch my attention. What that means? Can you help me?

    1. Karla,

      I definitely think he could like you. If he’s acting nervous and shy, that’s a sign. I’d suggest talking to him and maybe asking him out in a friendly way. See where things lead.

      Morgan xx

  65. bareMinerals
  66. I’m in grade 8, and I think I like this boy. He is really cute and super funny and genuinely nice (when he wants to be) but that the thing, he playfully hits/pesters the other girls and me in my grade but he is really strong so it kind of hurts… I don’t really mind it,nuts just that that makes me feel differently if he likes me or not.. I kinda think he does and I kinda think he doesn’t. He’s been really nicer lately though, and he playfully pesters (not hits) me more than the other girls now… But he had a crush on this one girl for like.. Years, and I think he might still and I’m very confused as you can see.

  67. bareMinerals
  68. My friend lives in Dubai now. He shifted about a week ago. We had all the same classes, and in one of them there were just three students. All three of are really good friends and had the best time when he was here. Before he left I realized that I liked him. But I couldn’t tell him. I found out now that he liked me. I can’t take my mind off of him and the memories we have from those classes. What do I do? I just want to forgot everything!

    1. Aria,

      I think you should talk to him about it. Talk over video chat or just over messages. I think talking about your feelings will help the pain go away.

      Sorry for the late reply!

      Morgan xx

  69. bareMinerals
  70. bareMinerals
  71. Hi, this is sorta difficult to explain but I need help! ASAP! So I like this boy he is my age an we are both in 8 Th grade. He is homeschooled and I o to private, we only see each other Wednesday’s and every other Sunday at church. I’ve had a crush on him for 2 years! But what is difficult about it is that he dated one of my used to be close friends, she broke up with him but you can tell he still has feelings for her. They go to homecoming and Sadie Hawkins together or at least they did this year but just as friends. I am almost positive she doesn’t like him like that but everyone thinks they will end up together. Now here is where the problem comes in, we used to be sorta play mean to each other before I knew I liked him. But now I am nice to him and try to hang out with him as much as possible. I managed to get his phone number a couple of weeks ago and we have been no stop texting ever since, but I am always the one to text first. Now you should know that he is shy around people he isn’t comfortable with( not me anymore), geeky, and doesn’t flirt with a lot of girls. He is also a goodie- two shoes but not over the top. But we have a lot of common interests and talk about them all the time. And when one person said we would end up together he didn’t deny it just got quite. I think he may like me because of the way he acts and him and the girl are just friends and I think he would give me a chance. Should I be straightforward and explain? Or should I wait and see if he asks? Or wait and see if him an the girl get together? If I tell him I’ll wait until after Tommorow since that is sadies Hawkins an they are going together as friends. Please help!

    1. A,

      My best advice to you is 1) talk to him, that’s the best way to get anything done or 2) talk to your friend that he dated. She might have some great insight for you, especially since she doesn’t have feelings for him. That might be the best way to know how to bring it forward, or she might have some good ideas on how to ask him out.

      Morgan xx

  72. bareMinerals
  73. I’m in 9th grade and there’s this really sweet guy that I’m into. He rides the same bus as me, we’ve been sitting together in english class (like, right next to each other) for about a month, and we’ve been texting everyday for ~a week. He’s really funny, smart, and cute. I was wondering how long is a reasonable amount of time to wait before making a move or something? School ends in June and I really don’t want it to slip away over the summer because I’m too shy to say anything but I don’t want to ruin it because I do say something.

    1. Sophie,

      Don’t wait! Talk to him now! Get on it because the longer you wait the more you’ll regret it. There’s never a bad time.

      Morgan xx

      1. U should actually not do it till the last week of ur school to avoid awkardness and to have nothing to talk about

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