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So, I am completely cheating and not writing this on the day this is published. Why? Because I am currently getting situated at university. So I had the forethought to write this post before I left for school so you’d have something to read while I make new friends and adjust to university life. With this said, enjoy!

Earlier this week my grandmother emailed me to ask how everything was with university. In this email she told me the story of her time at university and I found it by far the sweetest and cutest thing I had ever read. So I thought I would share with you all the story of my grandmother’s time at university, with her permission of course, because although this happened years and years ago, not much has changed between now and then besides the fashion and the laxation of rules.

Here it is:

Copyright: Doreen Hegarty

I am taken back to the worrisome and happy time of decisions made and preparations that went into my being away from home for such an extended period.  This was in 1942 and my mother had been planning my university career practically from the day I was born.  Having skipped a couple of grades, I was really too young to be entering the large University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon, Canada. It was about 300 miles from home and my essential items – fur coat –( it could get as cold as 20 below ), steamer trunk,packed with saddle shoes, bobby sox, pleated skirts and angora sweaters plus you can imagine what else, all ready to be shipped on the train with me to the university dormitory.

My mother and I arrived safely to get me settled in—a few friends from home were already there and my roommate was another Doreen, two years older than me and a very nice person.We are still good friends This was an all girls dorm—the boys was a couple of blocks away. The room was adequately furnished- there was a common washroom down the hall with basins, showers and all other necessities. Each washroom was for the use of 8 rooms or 16 people. We did our clothes washing and drying in the basement of the dorm. At times I found the basement too depressing or busy or dismal and would mail my dirty clothes home to my grandmother NANNIE, to wash and iron—can you imagine!! What a brat!. Depending on the strength of the box they were sometimes hanging out from each side..

On the main floor we had a greeting hall, common room for entertaining friends (male or female), dining room and offices. It was always fun to see who was doing the entertaining and with whom. Males were not allowed above the main floor. Many friends I made during that period I still have today so it was an important part of my life.

Classes often finished by 3 PM so that allowed us to study at home, go to the library or to any extra – curricular activity. You might be working on the school newspaper. The library is where my first university boyfriend picked me up—could I possibly have had my eye on him and asked him a biology question? We went together for 3 years so I got to go to all the Senior activities. Your grandfather went to the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, so we never met until we had both graduated and were working in Regina.

The next two years at university I lived in boarding houses where they would each have about 10 students (2 to a room) and the housemother would cook all the meals. We used the street car or walking for our transportation needs but were lucky if we had a friend with a car.

Life was filled with many activities besides classes—dances, movies, football, basketball and hockey games, for you your writing groups and probably many friends in church activities. It takes awhile to find which niche you want to fit into, but you will eventually feel comfortable.

My grandmother would also like to mention that slacks were not allowed to be worn and shorts could only be worn during gym class.

I really love my grandmother, I really do.

As you can see, not much really changes between my grandmother’s time and our own. Please leave in the comments how much you think has changed or how little has changed.

Next time you see me I will be writing in real time, so send me messages of encouragement that will get me through my first real week of school! I love you all mwah!

Stay classy Internet,

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  1. bareMinerals
  2. Wow! Now I see where you get your writing talents from Morgan! Just kidding – but what a nice piece by your loving grandmother! I’ve been thinking of you a lot
    this week as well – and wishing you a great dorm environment! XOXOX

  3. bareMinerals
    1. Depending on what movies you’re watching, it could be like it! Unless you’ve watched Animal House, University of Oregon isn’t as crazy as that

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