My Dorm Packing List (I Buy Everything From Costco)

Okay, here it is guys, my dorm packing list. You’ve been asking me since earlier this summer and I’m finally ready to release it. Only, it isn’t in the form you all expected. No, it’s a video.

I wanted to be able to show you the things that I purchased, so (by several requests I received earlier this year) I made a video of me showing off all of my new university items. It’s about 20 minutes long, but includes all of the items I purchased and some of my university tips. For those about to attend school, or to attend in the future, I hope this video helped you out some.

Note: All items in this video are listed below with the name of store and price. Also, excuse the weird lighting as when I was filming it started out really sunny and then started to storm really hard. I cannot control the weather.

I felt like I was Skyping friends. I really don’t understand how people can do this for a living. God bless them.




Mattress Pad – T.J. Maxx $11

Foam Pad – Bed Bath & Beyond $19.99

Yellow Patterned Pillows – Costco $16

Plain Yellow Pillows & Sheets – Garnet Hill Pillows $16 Sheets $22

Striped King-Size Pillow Cover – West Elm $19

Striped Duvet Cover – West Elm $47

Yellow Blanket – Target $27.98


HP 6525 Printer- (gift)

Grey desk lamp – Walmart $5.97

Surge protector – Walmart $12.97

Whiteboard – Target $9.99


Grey Bath Sheet – (from home)

Patterned Bath Towel – Costco $8

Hand Towels/Washcloths – $6

Bath Tote – $12.99

Facial Wipes – $9

Lens Wipes – $2.97

Zigzag Toiletries Bag – $9.99

Tilting Mirror – (from home)


No-Slip Hangers – Costco $9

Skirt Hangers – Bed Bath & Beyond $7.99

Hamper – (gift)

Tide Pods – Costco $5


Stepladder – Ross $8.99

School Supplies – Accordian Folder $0.54 Folder $1.99 Notebook $1.50

Union Jack Wooden Box – Ross $5.99

Union Jack Storage Box – T.J. Maxx $5

Jewelry Caddy – T.J. Maxx $5.99

Lil Blizzard Fan – Bed Bath & Beyond $19.99

Flashlight – Bed Bath & Beyond $6.99

Mounting Putty – Target $1.69

Telephone Box Pencil Holder – Hobby Lobby $12.98

Flameless Candle – Hobby Lobby $13

‘M’ Ornament – Walmart (gift)

Sleep Mask – Bed Bath & Beyond $9.99

Washi Tape – Target $ 2.99 each

Reading Light – Costco $12 for pack of 2

Cloud USB Hub – Bed Bath & Beyond $7.99

White Plate – Bed Bath & Beyond $2.99

Bowls – T.J. Maxx Large $7.99 Small $5.99

Hamilton Beach Kettle – $19.99

Other items I recommend bringing:

USB stick, command hooks, band-aids, air freshener, mini vacuum/broom, batteries, fabric softener, storage containers/stacking drawers, mini fridge, desk organizer & supplies, rug, hair tool caddy, door mirror, light bulbs, sound-cancelling headphones/ear plugs, tissues, hand sanitizer, stain sticks, and bleach pen.

Stay classy Internet,

signature copy

P.S. I start school next week, so please keep me in your thoughts as I am probably going to have several mental breakdowns.









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