What You’ll Need for Back-to-School

Thought this might be helpful for those starting school. I don’t start for another month!!

Morgan xx

The Enthusiast

It’s that time of year again where shopping for school supplies and figuring out your first day outfit are important. School is starting up again and we need to be on our A game to be top of the class. And since I want you all to succeed in another grueling year of learning and socializing, I’m giving you a list of things you’re going to need to be a VIPHS (Very Important Person in High School.)

For Your Classes

  1. Binder. A binder can hold loose leaf paper, folders, notebooks, study guides, etc. Having one is never a bad idea. Plus, you can decorate it. And that’s just fun for everyone!
  2. Accordion folder. I used to use those three punch ones you can buy at Wal-Mart, but the holes kept on ripping. So I switched to an accordion folder and liked it better. Instead of having to tote your folders…

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