Adventures At The Beach

Okay guys, so this is my best friend’s blog and she wrote about our trip last week to the coast and I thought you’d all like to know a bit more about what we did. Have a lovely Tuesday!


Hello Lovelies! I missed you bunches! I hope you are well. First of all let me say a massive apology for my lack of a post last week after I came home I had to go to work and then a whole bunch of craziness followed. But I am here now! Now to the beach!

So, we left my house at around 7:30 and began our drive to the beach. Our first stop was in Cascade Locks to get some ice cream. After our ice cream stop we make a visit to Multnomah Falls. It is beautiful and such a wonderful place to stop. While there we even got a “workout” as we hiked up to the bridge. There was lots of picture taking, of course and lots of laughs.

After Multnomah Falls we didn’t stop again until Lincoln City to fuel up and then the indecisive had to make a decision…

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