The Truth About Freshman Orientation (Tears and All)

If you haven’t guessed already, I attended my Freshman orientation for university this weekend. And it turned my life into chaos.

Freshman orientation is a fancy term for ‘Meet people who are also Freshman, learn everything you’ve already learned on the tour, and sign up for classes’.

At the University of Oregon they have introDUCKtion, which is a ridiculously clever name for orientation. They divide us into groups by major (meaning my group was all pre-Journalism students) and we spend all day getting to know each other. My group, excluding about four kids, was composed of kids from Northern California. To say the least, I was way out of my element (I live in Oregon, and am originally from Southern California). I didn’t really make many friends at introDUCKtion but the kids who attended were less than a fifth of the freshman I’ll be spending the next year with, so no worries. I learned their names and what kind of journalism they liked and in the end, I realized that not everyone who is a journalist is going to be ‘my kind of people’ like I assumed. It was an eye-opener, and I’m more ready for September than I would have been if I hadn’t gone to introDUCKtion.

All the information they told us at orientation (in the forms of panels and plays) was stuff that you have already learned when you went to tour the school as a Junior. One of the friends at introDUCKtion was talking to me and we agreed that there was no reason for us to attend the information sessions because we already knew everything they were saying. However, if you haven’t done your research or attended a tour, I DEFINITELY recommend going to the sessions as they have lots of important information you should know before attending a university.

And then, on the second day, I signed up for classes. Signing up for classes is…stressful. You want to get all your credits in (I already have enough credits to enter as a Sophomore) and trying to find classes that fulfill everything and at times that are available and not having too much on your plate can be really stressful. I was so occupied in choosing classes for the fall term, I did not realize I was taking five classes that are all heavy-intensive courses. So in August, when I can sign up for classes again, I think I’m going to drop one of classes and choose something more fun than brainy.

And that’s kind of how my weekend went. It brought me a lot of stress and it’s kind of freaking me out.

I’ve been kind of off the last few days (and not because my uterus lining is telling me I’m not pregnant) and I think it’s because I’m in that weird limbo of getting ready to completely 180 my life.

Having to figure out my schedule (along with having to explain it to myself and my mother, and having to double guess it again after that) is taking a toll on my brain and no matter what I do to relax, my body is constantly tensed in fear that I’ve messed up. That I’ve done something wrong, that I’m not ready for this step. And it’s terrifying. I feel like crying every four seconds, which I’m pretty sure scares everyone. My first chance to be a real adult and I might have fudged it up.


I guess I thought going to orientation would make me realize how ready I was to take on this new life. But here I am, two days later, with a pit in my stomach and a headache that is screaming, “WHY DID YOU TAKE MATH 106? WHAT IF IT IS THE WRONG CLASS?” and right now, I just wish it was August 5th so I could drop it and take jewelry making or something. But life isn’t perfect and it’s July 10th.

How did university go for you? Were you in this position when you about to go? Please tell me in the comments so I can feel slightly better in my current state of panic and fear. While we laugh at this funny GIF! Now I feel better!

Remember, if you feel anxious and need someone to just talk to about your anxieties, my email is always open! I love to talk to you guys and I will always try to give good advice.

Stay classy Internet,

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P.S. I will be posting later this week with a fun new post that’s definitely less serious!






7 thoughts on “The Truth About Freshman Orientation (Tears and All)

  1. Hey hey! I was creeping in the UO tag, I’m going to be a Junior this year. I’m sorry that IntroDUCKtion was stressful for you, but I totally feel that. It was not the greatest time for me, either. D: Personally, I think Week of Welcome was way more important for me settling in and meeting people and stuff. It’s okay if you don’t want to be in the classes you registered for. I ended up changing mine a lot. I’m glad you’re joining us, though! My roommate is a Journalism major. :DD

    1. Missy Wong,

      Hey! It’s so nice to have you here! I’m looking forward to WoW and I know that it will be better. I think that IntroDUCKtion is just a lot to take in and that’s what made it so stressful. I’m really excited to join you in the fall!
      Thank you for commenting, it’s totally made my day!


      1. Yeah, it definitely is a lot. I got super overwhelmed at mine, and I went to one of the later sessions so class signups were crazy because a lot of things were already full. I would definitely recommend taking one fun class if you’re still going to take 4 really intense ones. (I try to always take one fun one. I’ve done like… watercolors? and yoga and a Shakespeare class? Stuff like that…) Four intense classes is already a lot. Hahahaha.

        1. Missy Wong,

          I am taking three intensive classes, and then one is part of my FIG and it’s just talking for 50 minutes a week. I think I might take yoga or something else as a fifth option. Yoga sounds good because I could use the stress release!

  2. bareMinerals
  3. Boy, I think I felt exactly the same at College Orientation as you describe, Morgan! I do remember only taking 3 tough courses for my first quarter so that I would have time to hang out and get to know my roommate and my other dorm mates and not feel too, too stressed. But maybe it’s different if you are working with a semester system. Cripes – that’s impressive that you already have an entire year’s worth of college credits before you’ve even begun! Maybe you should take it way easy your first semester since you clearly don’t have anything to prove or any reason to rush through this exciting next chapter. Just a thought.

  4. bareMinerals
  5. Hi Morgan,

    Good luck with your first year, Don’t take too many heavy courses your first quarter. You have some credits already, so use them as a buffer. Frankly, they are not really the equivalent of full college courses but they can help buffer you until you get in tune with the swing of the college level courses. You do not need to do it all at once.

    This is the advise of a long term (40 years) professor and University dean.

    I wish you well and let me know if need some advise or information.

    1. rasklein,

      Thank you so much for your advice! I’m someone who is really into challenging myself and I guess I need to teach myself that I don’t have to do everything all at once. Thank you for your comment!

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